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Coffee and Magnolia: 18 March 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet

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Well, the Tony Barbee years weren't all that fantastic, that's for sure, and sure we had a ton of turnover of players, but surely at least we weren't spending a bunch of money on recrui-HOLY HELL, WHAT!?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! I really just want to reenact the questioning scene from The Big Lebowski while screaming "WHERE'S THE MONEY, LEBARBEE!?!?"

So, yeah. Some serious shade being thrown by Jay Jacobs there, too. Makes paying the buyout worth it since we were apparently just wasting money, anyway.

Speaking of, it's been a year since that magical day when Auburn fans' dreams came true and Bruce Pearl was hired as the basketball coach. Justin Hokanson has a pretty good look-back at the hire and what's happened since. It's even in front of the paywall!

The Montgomery Advertiser does something similar, as James Crepea speaks of how Bruce Pearl has reminded Auburn basketball fans how March can actually be a fun time.


The Tigers ended their four game skid with some late-game heroics against UAB in Birmingham. It was nice to see the Tigers get back in the win column. They'll return home for a three game series with defending College World Series Champions Vanderbilt on Friday.


For the first time in program history, the Tigers have cracked the top 10 in the national rankings. That's a pretty big deal for Coach Clint Myers' team, and it's well deserved. The Tigers have hit 64 home runs in 31 games, and are currently 29-2. That's awesome.


There's a ton of stuff out there about yesterday's spring practice. I put together a wrap-up of a lot of the news gleaned from tweets of beat writers who were present for the open viewing portion and from Gus Malzahn's press conference.

To clear up some things from the end of that press conference, Gimel President and true freshman early enrollee Tim Irvin are a bit banged up, but it's nothing serious according to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.

They also have video of Braden Smith meeting with the media and talking about how he is no longer called by the nicknames given to him last season like "Drago, The Terminator, etc."

The Montgomery Advertiser talks of Auburn's need to replace the key cog on the offensive line, as Reese Dismukes will not be snapping the football for the Tigers for the first time since Auburn's BCS Championship season (barring the one game suspension in 2012).

The H-back role is another essential piece to Auburn's ground attack, and details Auburn's reliance on two young contenders to fill the large gap left by Brandon Fulse after last season and the even bigger gap left by Jay Prosch from 2013.

Jason Smith has already moved over to spend time at wide-receiver, though he will still practice with the quarterbacks, too. I think he's a lock for the Wildcat role. Especially since he can fill the role on quick snap plays and remain in the game as a wide-receiver immediately following the play he takes the snap in. highlight's Carl Lawson and what his absence from the 2014 line-up meant for the Tigers. Spoiler Alert: we missed him.