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Coffee and Magnolia: 19 March 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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So we here at College and Magnolia put  together a little project. We did a bracket of brackets. You can vote on it at the bottom of the article! I'll update it with new rounds as we move along over the next two weeks.


Yep. Opening with Gymnastics, today. The official site highlighted senior gymnast Megan Walker and spoke to her about the rise of Auburn's gymnastics team. The ladies will be participating in the evening portion of the SEC Championships in Duluth, GA on Saturday.


Nothing new to report in the basketball world, really. Blake has his HOOPS TAKES from Monday that you should check out. I plan on writing my eulogy for the 2014/15 season either this afternoon or tonight (publish tomorrow).


Jeremy Johnson wants to be the next great quarterback at Auburn, according to I'm going to file that under "duh." Johnson definitely has the tools. He's highly likely to be the starter, even if there is a "competition" between him and redshirt freshman Sean White. He's got all of the tools, and I think he'll be a special player at the position.

The Montgomery Advertiser highlights Wide Receiver Tony Stevens as someone the coaches are hoping will take over the Sammie Coates role on the team. At 6'4", he's definitely got a lot going for him to absolutely kill as the deep threat, however he really hasn't seen much game action over the past two seasons. Neither did Sammie Coates in his freshman campaign, though.

Auburn has three scrimmages (including A-Day) available to them during the spring. They will finish the first 2/3 of the spring this afternoon without having conducted a single scrimmage as they focus on that coach-speak buzz-word of being "physical."

While he's still limited right now, offensive lineman Alex Kozan could be back to full-speed and full contact before the spring is over. That's huge news as Auburn tries to develop an offensive line unit with the chemistry and physicality of the past two seasons (and the 2013 season, particularly).

Our own WarRoomEagle has been re-tweeting articles on Twitter that he wrote last year explaining Malzahn's offense. You can check out his article on head coach Gus Malzahn's reasons for the Hurry Up/No Huddle and how Malzahn uses personnel and formations. If you want to get ahead (and also check out some of Tuco's defensive stuff), you can always check out our Xs and Os Hub!

I'm not as anti-NCAA as many people (particularly on SB Nation), but man do they make it hard sometimes to not want to just go scorched earth on the whole organization. Read that article on former Auburn linebacker Khari Harding and try not get too angry. It's too early in the morning for that.


Auburn has been talking about the Star Wars Catfish for a few weeks, but now the official site has picked it up. You can read Jeremy Henderson's story on it at TheWarEagleReader from back in early February here. For those who haven't heard about it, an Auburn scientist discovered a new species of catfish and thought it looked like a Star Wars character. So he named it after said character.

And speaking of Jeremy and TWER... We'd like to wish Jeremy a Happy Birthday!