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Coffee and Magnolia: 2 March 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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After a stretch of winless games in the SEC where it looked like nothing could go right for the Tigers, the women's basketball team finished the season strong on a three game winning streak. They closed out the regular season with an 83-70 victory over the Crimson Tide in Auburn Arena on Sunday. Now it's on to the SEC Tournament for Coach Flo's team.

Things weren't so nice for the men, who played without Antoine Mason after the death of his father on Saturday. The final of the game was one of the worst Auburn losses of the year, 80-55 to Texas A&M.

Bruce Pearl is already looking at next season's schedule and wants to add a big showcase game for the Tigers. He also has plenty of other ideas about what he would like to see Auburn's schedules look like in the future.


It was quite the weekend for the Tigers on the diamond, but fell just shy of being a perfect one. The Tigers defeated Jacksonville State on Saturday, before really laying the lumber (or the metal in this case?) to #10 Oklahoma State in a 9-2 victory as part of the "Snowmaha Classic." To many errors and walks doomed the Tigers on Sunday, however. The Tigers held multiple 3 run leads, but ultimately dropped the game 10-9.

There are plenty of promising things about the baseball team, right now. They're getting a lot of runs, and the pitching has been pretty good, overall. Cole Lipscomb - fresh off Tommy Johns surgery - leads the team in strike outs with 22. He's pitched 14.2 innings, which means he's struck out half of the batters he's faced. That's pretty good. Add that on top of Keegan Thompson, Rocky McCord, and Trey Wingenter, and you've got a good set of pitchers to start.


It's March! And you know what that means? Spring football is right around the corner! Next Tuesday, in fact. I'll be out of the loop for a good bit of next week, but rest assured we'll have reports for you.

For now, there are two reports regarding defensive ends. Neither are surprises, though. Carl Lawson has been cleared to practice (though I'm sure he'll still be somewhat limited, at first), while DaVonte Lambert will miss spring drills following his injury in the Samford game and the surgery required to repair it.

ESPN's preseason rankings have been pretty consistent with placing Auburn just ahead of the middle of the pack. They ranked the Tiger's defensive line at 5th in the SEC, while the offensive line was ranked 3rd.

Auburn's Pro Day is set to be broadcast live on the SEC Network, tomorrow. We'll have more on that, this afternoon.

Bo Jackson presented Wisconsin Running Back Melvin Gordon with the Doak Walker Award in Dallas over the weekend. In doing so, he was also awarded the PWC Doak Walker Legends Award. It's safe to say had the award been around in his playing days, Bo would have won it handily. While speaking there, he also stated his belief that the days of the two-sport athlete are over.

In other news, Auburn could again be facing a deficit for the FY 14-15 fiscal year, but not near as much as the previous year's. The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer puts it around $5.7 million, and that's before any SEC Network revenues are factored in. That number will further improve once some old coaches come off the payroll, as well.

There is a lot more to talk about in Auburn sports from over the weekend, but I want to save that for my Monday sports update. Be looking for that around noon. War Eagle!