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Coffee and Magnolia: 23 March 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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I'm aware a lot of stuff happened with a lot of Auburn sports this weekend. I'll have a full update with links, articles, etc from the official site and elsewhere in my weekly "Auburn Sports Update" article at noon on all of the "non-revenue" sports. If y'all didn't know that's what that article is, then now you do! Every Monday I collect the happenings around Auburn sports for the previous week and update that, there. So, no, I haven't forgotten about the Gymnastics' team's awesome performance, the Men's Golf Team's victory, or the ridiculous awesomeness that is the Softball team. There's more on them coming! I just like to give them their own article rather than lumping it into one super-long link dump that many will ignore for another other than the revenue sports info.


Perhaps I should have delayed Round 2 until this morning, seeing as how there hasn't been much voting on it since I published it around noon on Saturday. Voting still runs through tonight at the least. Go check it out!


Oh, the heartbreak. Auburn should have won the series against defending College World Series champion Vanderbilt. A beautiful 9th inning rally that saw the game tied, bases loaded, no outs, and... nothing else came of it. Auburn lost in extra innings in the second game of Saturday's double-header. That came along with the earlier loss in the first game of the double-hader. However, the Tigers did defeat Vandy in game one of the series on Friday night.

Phillip Marshall of AuburnUndercover has some pretty good thoughts on that game and lots of other things around Auburn sports in his Sunday reflections. It's in front of the paywall and you should check it out.

I'm not counting this Auburn baseball team out, by any stretch. Texas A&M is very good, and Auburn had every chance to take two of three from the defending champs. The SEC is as tough as league as you'll find, but if Auburn's able to find the right groove, the Tigers can still make some noise.


We've talked about it before, but Bruce Pearl is working on a multi-year contract with UAB for the Tigers and Blazers to play. Why would he do that when UAB has shown the potential in their program? He wants more in-state rivalries than can help drive enthusiasm and recruiting is one very good answer.

In former Tiger news, a certain former head coach could reportedly be heading out west for the Nevada job. My condolences to the Wolfpack.


There won't be much to talk about this week, as Auburn is on Spring Break, and the team is also taking the week off from Spring Practice. However, there are some left-over stories.

Gus Malzahn goes from one form of high-strung (coaching) to another, as he's been preparing for his youngest daughter's wedding. Congrats to them!

We talked about Special Teams in the 2014 Position Reviews last week, and lo and behold one of the topics of conversation late last week was Daniel Carlson's competition for the punting job. We can talk of him "battling" for the position all we want, but I think Auburn desperately wants someone else to win the punting job over Carlson. The Tigers do not want him handling all kicking duties again in 2015 as he did for most of 2014.

Auburn is getting physical this spring. Much more so than they have been. It's not all just a product of Will Muschamp, but you can bet he helps.

Auburn and Florida State are reportedly discussing a neutral-site game in Jacksonville for 2019. We first saw it mentioned on TomahawkNation, but the news has made the rounds all over since then. I wrote my thoughts on the likelihood of it happening on Friday afternoon. has some alternate helmet designs and let me just stop you right there and say "absolutely 100% no" to all of them. I could almost (ALMOST) be talked into a blue helmet for once. But not the blue helmet that goes around every so often. If you're going to do blue, make the interlocking AU orange, not white. But I think I'll just stick to our normal uniform look, thanks.