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2015 College and Magnolia Bracket of Brackets Round 3

It's Regional Finals time in the Bracket of Brackets Challenge! See who is in the Elite 8 and fighting for that coveted spot in the Final 4!

A Look Back:

Round 1

Round 2

The imgur file with all of the High-Res images Kevin worked so hard on can be found here.

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Round 3

There were some upsets. Some #1s went down. Some other lower seeds moved forward. I can't say that I'm completely surprised by the results, and there weren't any real shockers, but there were some that made me raise the eyelids a little bit.

Round three is the Regional Final. The Final Four is next, so think carefully on who you want advancing!

FOLKS Region

Folks Round 3

(1) Hotties vs (3) Heroes

I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that 1st seeded Hotties moved on to the regional finals. It's one of the most common brackets out there, and a topic that so many people love. I was really hoping 5th seeded Authors would be able to pull out the victory, though. As Tuco pointed out in the Round 2 comments, Authors just have more staying power. They do so much more than just provide eye-candy. Alas, it was not to be. Hotties took 65% of the vote and advances.

Meanwhile, the goodness of mankind shone through just a bit, as 3rd seeded Heroes nudged out 2nd seeded Villains, with 59% of the vote. I really thought the Villains would win. I didn't think that because people are evil or anything, but rather because Villains tend to be more fleshed out and interesting characters than Heroes. I guess not!

So, now we get to decide what moves on. Personally, I hope it's Heroes, but I have a feeling it will be Hotties. I do expect Heroes to give Hotties their toughest challenge to date, though.

NOMS Region

NOMS Round 3

(1) BBQ vs (2) Alcohol

The top two seeds ran roughshod through this bracket on their way to the obvious Regional Final. I don't think anyone expected any other outcome than this. Both won their Round 2 match-up with 76% of the vote. Both are delicious and wonderful.

I really don't know if I can call this one. They're both so strong, and are both constant contenders every year for having brackets made about them. I can't wait to see the results.

SPROTS / Entertainment Region

SPROTS Round 3

(2) Rock Bands vs (5) James Bond Movies

#1 goes down! #1 goes down! It was fun while it lasted, but I didn't really expect Sports Bloggers to survive the bracket. I didn't think they would go down to Bond Movies, but maybe that's just personal bias talking. Bond Movies defeated the #1 seed with 68% of the vote. Meanwhile, Rock Bands had a much tougher time against the 3rd seeded 90s TV Shows. They still received 59% of the vote, but it was one of the closer contests of Round 2.

So now it's Rock Bands vs James Bond Movies. I think Rock Bands wins this one, personally. There are just too many options out there and too many ways you can discuss and argue over best bands. There are only 23 Bond Movies to date (with #24 in production). I bet any of you can name 23 amazing Rock Bands worthy of consideration for Greatest Of All Time without really even struggling too hard.

STUFF Region

STUFF Round 3

(2) Shoes vs (4) Nintendo Games

Shoes? Seriously? Shoes!? Maybe I should have seeded the bracket a bit better. Shoes just had too easy a road to get to the Regional Finals. They took on Brackets of Brackets in Round 1 and then Books for Dummies in Round 2. Not exactly heavyweights or Cinderella stories. What was amazing was the numbers. In one of the biggest margins of victory of Round 2, Shoes moved on with 81% of the vote.

I think it ends here for Shoes, though. Nintendo Games took down the #1 seeded Hats with 65% of the vote. I really can't say as I'm surprised by that. It was a tough draw for Hats in the second round. Sure, there are tons of variety, styles, fashions, etc. But when it comes to brackets, Nintendo Games are just much more fun to talk and argue about.


So, we're guaranteed that there will not be a #1 seed in the finals, since both of these Regional Finals lack a #1. Who will it be? Who will make the Final Four?

Here's the schedule going forward:

Round 3 - March 24th - March 27th

Round 4 - March 28th - March 30th

Round 5 - March 31st - April 2nd

Winner will be announced on Friday, April 3rd! Enjoy!

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