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2015 College and Magnolia Bracket of Brackets Final Four!

Yep, we're here. The FINAL FOUR.

A Look Back

You can see the previous rounds below, and don't forget to vote using the poll widget at the bottom!

Final Four Full Bracket

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

And check out the High-Res awesome artwork Kevin Ives did at this imgur link.

The Final Four

Final Four

It's been a very tough round. Three of the four categories can be measured in less than 4-5 votes difference. I had the chance to sway two of them myself in the final minutes, but two tweets to push people to vote made that unnecessary, thankfully. I didn't want to have any undue sway on the poll!

Western Final

#1 Hotties vs #2 Alcohol

At one point in the final moments, Hotties was tied with Heroes for their regional final. However, they pulled it out by a whopping TWO votes in the end to move on. Alcohol didn't have a much easier time against the #1 seed in its region, BBQ. The difference there was only five votes.

If I had to guess, I would say the winner of the tournament will come out of this bracket. Will it be Hotties or Alcohol? They're both diverse topics with lots of different options to choose from when making a bracket. They're also two highly contentious topics as every has their individual tastes on what they prefer.

The showdown is here. Hotties or Alcohol? YOU DECIDE!

Eastern Final

#5 Bond Movies vs #4 Nintendo Games

I'm honestly amazed that Bond Movies pulled off the upset over Rock Bands. I thought Rock Bands would win that one going away. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. By THREE VOTES, Bond Movies pulled off the upset. They will face Nintendo Games, which won its final with 67% of the vote and I don't even want to both trying to count up that vote differential.

This topic could go either way. I don't even know how to predict it. I don't know that either will have a chance against the winner of the Western Final, but I'm really interested in seeing how this bracket comes out. Do people prefer to argue about and rank Bond Movies or Nintendo Games? It's time to find out if we have an action movie readership or a video game playing readership! Though those two overlap, so it's going to be tough for many of you to make up your minds.

Get to it!


Voting will run through Monday night/Tuesday morning. I'm extending this round by a day just because I want to. So vote in the widget below!