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Brunch and Magnolia: April Fools Day

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet.

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


We did a goofy post. It might be funny. Maybe.


The Final Four is over, and I'll have the Finals post up later this afternoon. It's going to be an interesting finale!


The Tigers fell behind early, but came roaring back to get the 9-4 victory in Birmingham over Samford. Tuco went to the game and wrote about it. You can also read the official site's recap here.


Unfortunately, the men's golf team's streak of victories came to an end, as they finished tied for 5th at "The Hootie."

In sad news regarding a former Auburn golfer, Jason Dufner and his wife Amanda are getting a divorce. I don't know any details on it, I'm not going to speculate what the root cause of it all is. If you feel the need to comment on it below, please be respectful. I don't want any mud-slinging in any way, shape, form, or fashion.


You can check out our recap of Day 6 of spring practice and a tweet-cap of Gus Malzahn's press conference.

Charles Goldberg recaps Gus Malzahn's press conference and some other details in this post on the official site.

Some of the biggest (and worst) news of the press conference was about TJ Davis' injury. As I said yesterday, this could have been a big year for Davis, as he would have had an opportunity to break into the secondary rotation under a new staff. It's very unfortunate for him to suffer this type of injury at any point in his life, but this is just horrible timing. He hopes to try to make a return this season, but I find that highly unlikely.

Phillip Marshall has an excellent (in front of the paywall) article wrapping up Gus and various players' meetings with the press from yesterday about the changes made in the off-season.

Surprise, surprise, Gus Malzahn isn't thrilled about B1G coaches holding satellite camps in the heart of SEC country. This comes on the heels of Jim Harbaugh's camp coming up in Prattville.