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Coffee and Magnolia: 10 April 2015

New and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.


Check out what's going on in town this weekend.


Both of Auburn's diamond teams are on the road this weekend, so there's no opportunity to check them out, here. However, with the magic of the SEC Network, you can at least catch most all of the games online in some form! The baseball team is in Baton Rouge to face LSU and the softball team is in College Station to take on Texas A&M.


I'm pretty sure Auburn practiced, yesterday (it was on the schedule), but I have not read or seen a single report on anything at all that might have happened. Soooo, yeah. That's annoying. This is why I wrote the article earlier this week on the spring game being so important. We get so little information as fans nowadays that we need that one day in the spring where we can really see our team play.

The Ledger-Enquirer discusses the punt and kick returner races. Marcus Davis looks to be settling in at the punt returner, but kick returner will be open for a while.

Auburn added a 2021 game to the schedule with little fanfare, apparently. That's because it's against Georgia State. The Panthers have been the doormat of their conference pretty much every year since they began football back in 2010. I have no idea what they'll be like by 2021, but I doubt they'll be that good. This is one of those schedule-filler games.

The Montgomery Advertiser talks about the competition at the running back slot. talks about the progress of Jovon Robinson and how he's been surprising coaches with some of his abilities. I really think Robinson will end up as the feature back, this season. Time will tell, though.

Alex Kozan has been practicing, but hasn't been going completely full speed 100% of the time, this season. The coaches do expect him to be back and ready to roll by the fall, though. There are plenty of capable linemen, but Kozan was a force on the 2013 line, and having him back will be huge for the running game.

Speaking of those linemen, J.B. Grimes is making sure that even the early enrollees have plenty of reps in case anyone needs to be called upon. Depth on the line in future years is a concern right now (Auburn will likely add 5-6 OL in the 2016 recruiting class), so it's good to see the new guys getting reps in.

Travaris Robinson isn't pulling any punches when discussing last year's performance with his defensive backs. He's constantly reminding them of it and pushing them to get back to the traditions of a strong Auburn defense.

H-back Chandler Cox is definitely in the mix for early playing time. I'm still salivating at the possibilities of Cox and Pettway in the game at the same time. Oh the possibilities.