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Lou Holtz Out At ESPN: Auburn Moments

Our favorite spitting commentator is parting ways with the World Wide Leader.

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First, I have to say that I have a lot of respect for Lou Holtz for a number of reasons I won't go into detail on. Outside of his obsession with Notre Dame, he had a lot of football knowledge and a lot of history. However, he was painful to watch on the air and it was only getting worse over the past few seasons. This was long overdue.

I remembered hearing before last season that Holtz would be leaving ESPN after the 2014 campaign, but there was never any official word once the season ended. Now tonight comes word that it's true.

It's the end of an era in college football, as Lou Holtz, Mark May, and Rece Davis have been the staple of College Football Final for years. Now Rece Davis has moved to GameDay, and Holtz is departing the network.

Holtz and Auburn fans have had a long history. He memorably threw an Auburn football helmet on the set of College Football Final during Auburn's 2010 National Championship run.

Before that, the most famous run in I can think of was in 2007 when he announced prior to the Auburn vs Florida game that he had as much chance of becoming Senator for the state of Florida as Auburn had to win that game. The results? Well...

Holtz for Thenator

(h/t TheAuburner)

Unfortunately Mark Paden's awesome highlight video from that game is no longer on the web. It featured Holtz's claim and then the highlights played to the tune of Laverne and Shirley. To his credit, Holtz had some fun with the situation afterwards.

UPDATED: I should have asked Mark about it before pushing the article, but I was convinced it had disappeared since I found no trace of it searching Google. The original video still exists! Bathe in its glory!

au v uf 07 from TheAuburner on Vimeo.

One of his last memorable moments in regards to Auburn involves the reaction of all of the College Football Final personalities to the Kick Six in 2013.

Love him. Hate him. He got ratings. Now Mark May stands alone at CFF, and who knows who will join him to take over the crotchety old guy roll?