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Auburn A-Day Recap and Gus Malzahn Press Conference Tweet-cap

Spring football was the game of the day on the Plains, as the Tigers held their annual scrimmage for the fans.

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A-Day Recap

I'll be honest, all I've been able to see of A-Day so far have been tweets from all of the beat writers and fans. So, this isn't going to be too detailed or comprehensive. I'm going to have a more detailed recap once I get the chance to sit down and at least watch the 1st half.

Four Things I Learned From Twitter:

1) Jeremy Johnson can sling it. Sure, there were some drops, but it sure seemed like everyone was extremely excited about his performance and he didn't disappoint in his ability to throw the football. I know there were a number of drops by Duke Williams at times that skew his incompletions. Duke had times last year where he dropped some balls (the Kansas State game comes to mind, though he had some big grabs in that one, too), so we know he's not perfect. He's still pretty danged awesome, though. JJ finished 14 of 22, 256 yards, and 2 touchdowns. That's around 63% in completion percentage. Not as stellar as his 70+% from last season, but that's to be expected.

I read a number of times about Johnson fitting balls into gaps that were small or putting the ball right on the money where he needed it to be. One highlight in particular comes to mind, and that leads me to #2.

2) Chandler Cox is going to be the real deal. Seriously, he's going to be awesome. He's a fullback with hands. And yes, I am absolutely still salivating at the thought of Cox and Pettway in the game at the same time. Just imagine it. JJ fakes the hand off. Pettway and the RB (whomever that might be) protect Johnson to give him plenty of time to throw to Cox on the wheel route. It will look like this, but Cox will be running free instead of in coverage...

3) We all (or at least I did) forgot about Myron Burton. He redshirted last fall, but he had a monster game, today. Granted, this is A-Day. The stars of A-Day don't always become immediate contributors the very next fall. Burton had a great day, though. He was the offensive MVP with 6 catches for 112 yards and a touchdown. I don't know that he'll be a big time contributor this fall, but he's a name to remember as another receiving option in the fall.

4) The defense is, in fact, intense. I was reading that Coach Boom wasn't exactly holding things back. Gimel President picked up where he left off in the fall with working his way into the likelihood of some serious playing time. Tray Matthews is going to be fantastic at the Safety position (he was the Defensive MVP). Our own Peggy won the day with a tweet I would embed, but her account is locked. It said "Hey Tray Mathews finally got an interception in Jordan-Hare. Good for him."

Gus Malzahn Press Conference Tweet Cap

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