Fun with Heights! Is Michael Irvin really 6'2, or is Jawon Pass taller than 6'5?


In "fun with measurements," either 4* QB (and big-time Auburn target) Jawon Pass' recruiting profile is off on the low side about his 6'5 height, or Michael Irvin's listed height of 6'2" is off a good bit on the low side. I'm going with option #2, personally. Still a good bit taller than my shrimpy 5'7.5, though. There's also a chance camera angles play into it or I'm not realizing just how big a difference 3 inches is [insert crude joke here]. If Irvin is shorter than 6'2, it's probably only by an inch. It sure didn't matter when he was putting up Hall of Fame numbers as one of the best receivers ever.

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