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Coffee and Magnolia: 24 April 2015

News and Notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


There's still stuff going on this weekend in Auburn! You should check it out, especially since this is the Softball team's last home stand (baring a Regional).


It's from the Tide beat, but Alabama's coach said he has discussed ways to improve the Auburn/Alabama rivalry in basketball.



Sunny Golloway was tossed in the 9th inning with one out, men on 1st and 2nd, and the Tigers leading by two runs, but it ended up not mattering. I wasn't able to watch much of the game, but the two innings I did see seemed well called to me by the umpire, and I thought the pitches Sonny was arguing were the correct calls, but Sonny went ballistic and got tossed, anyway. Thankfully the Tigers ended up finishing off that batter and the following one for the 4-2 victory in Game 1 over UGA.

Game 1 of the series is already complete, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a must-win series.


The official site has a preview of this weekend's match-up against Arkansas.


Auburn picked up a commitment yesterday from a 2016 consensus 3* linebacker. A 3* isn't normally something that would really get you excited, but when the Tigers jump on taking the commitment this early from someone rated at that ranking, then you can be confident it's because they see far more than the stars. 247Sports examined the impact of the commitment in a free article.

The official site of the SEC posted a collection of Auburn spring practice related stories, yesterday. It's a compendium of all their Auburn articles during the spring period.

Will Muschamp has certain players that he thinks he can count on right now. Hopefully that list continues to grow once the Tigers return to the practice fields in August.

In NFL Draft news, we took a look at CJ Uzomah yesterday. We'll have another one up today on another former Tiger. Meanwhile, draft experts think NineORhino himself, Gabe Wright, may be moving up the boards at the defensive tackle position.