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2015 College and Magnolia Bracket of Bracket Finals!

It's the final match-up!

Kevin Ives

A Look Back

How did we get here? There were upsets along the way. Some were very surprising. But in the end we have two very strong contenders vying for the title of the best type of bracket.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Final Four

And, as always, Kevin's awesome artwork can be found in its entirety at this imgur link.

Final Round

Final Round

(2) Alcohol vs (4) Nintendo Games

Yep, that's right. Out of the NOMS Region, Alcohol came away with the victory in the western half of the bracket over FOLKS Region champion Hotties. it wasn't easy, though. It came down to a 51% - 49% tally. It was easily the closest vote of any category in the competition so far.

Nintendo Games came out of the STUFF Region and defeated the SPROTS/Entertainment Region champion Bond Movies in its division final. The vote wasn't quite so close in this one. Bond Movies hung in there early on, but Nintendo Games pulled it out with 67% of the final vote.

So now the match-up. Which subject do you like debating more? Which is the most fun to fill out and argue about in bracket form? Are you an alcohol snob? Are you a gamer? It's time to make your allegiance known. Vote early. Vote often (though you'll have to do it from different devices, since the poll registers IPs). Let's see which one Auburn fans like the most.


Voting will be open through Monday evening. We'll announce the winner shortly thereafter to coincide with the NCAA Tournament finals.

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