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Coffee and Magnolia: 3 April 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

I still feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure it's real that Coach Boom is our DC again.
I still feel like I need to pinch myself to make sure it's real that Coach Boom is our DC again.
Doug Benc/Getty Images

First off, a Happy Good Friday to all who acknowledge the day!


The finals in the Bracket Challenge will be published this afternoon. I'll announce the winner on Monday during the NCAA Tournament Final.


Don't forget about the NCAA Regional in Auburn tomorrow night! The top two teams will move on to the NCAA finals. Auburn is the #2 seed behind Alabama in this regional. It's another chance for the Tigers to take down the Tide and end The Streak.


The ladies just continue to rock opponents, starting the Tennessee series off with a 6-2 victory, last night. They have yet to be defeated at home this season. They will play again tonight at 6pm CDT.


Cole Lipscomb did pretty well in his first SEC start last weekend, so he'll be the starting pitcher in tonight's opening game of the Arkansas series. The game also starts at 6pm CDT.

Speaking of that, can we not do something about that scheduling? It seems like we would want to make it where people could go to both games if possible.

For information on all of the above and just where you can catch it this weekend, check out Everett's Home on the Plains!


Auburn players will receive the largest Full Cost of School increase to their scholarship over any other program in the Top 25. Yay? Maybe?

We reviewed the receivers and tight-ends from 2014 yesterday and look ahead to this season. In short: it was fun, it could be even more fun.

Yesterday was Day 7 of Spring Practice, and Will Muschamp is pleased with where his defense stands after those seven practices. He spoke with the media after yesterday's practice. You can find various recaps of his press conference all over the place. Here is's and 247Sports' for sake of ease, though.

Injuries are bugging the Tigers a bit in the Spring, but that's to be expected. Aside from the TJ Davis injury I don't believe there are any real major ones to report as of right now. Everyone who has been slowed by injury is expected to be fine by fall other than Davis.

Apparently this week the Tigers are working on the 3-4 portion of Muschamp's defense. This is the package that really uses the "Buck" hybrid as a DE or as a coverage LB. It should be fun to watch in the fall with people like Carl Lawson and Raashed Kennion playing the role. Oh, and then there's that Byron Cowart guy, too.

Always one for a good sound bite, Mushcamp admitted that he wasn't just "observing" during the Outback Bowl. He followed that by saying "Obviously it didn't work. It wasn't very good." Then he was asked about Florida head coach Jim McElwain's assertion that the cupboard was a bit thin at Florida. He responded as you would expected Will Muschamp to respond. In all fairness, I think they're both right. There is a ton of talent at Florida, but I'm not so sure it holds true across the board. I think there are holes in depth in some areas.

AuburnUndercover has some good blurbs on some defensive backs making moves. As expected, Tray Matthews is impressing people with his ability. Josh Holsey has made the move back to cornerback in his 4th move or so back and forth between the DB positions and is doing well there. There's also some info on other players in that article. That's what I love about AUC. The only stuff they paywall is recruiting info or inside-program info. If it's just a story about stuff you find everywhere else, it's open to anyone to read. ranked head coaches and put Auburn's Gus Malzahn at #10. You have to remember that Gus has only been a head coach for three seasons. I think he'll sky rocket up any of those lists in the future.

Chadd Scott disagrees with Malzahn and other SEC Coaches' opinions on the issue of satellite recruiting camps. I do have to admit that if the B1G isn't going to change their rule, then the SEC should drop their restrictions on it and return the favor. Then they'll have close access to the best recruits that are from the southeast and also make inroads with those up north.

A familiar face from Bo Jackson's past will be helping out with "Bo Bikes Bama" this year. None other than The Boz, himself.

Also in Bo news (and somewhat depressing news as I realize how far we are away from Bo's playing career), watch Bo have to patiently explain to White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche's son just who he is.