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Auburn Tigers 2015 NFL Draft Prospects: The Rest of the Crew

The NFL Draft is tonight. The people below aren't going to be called on Day One, and may not get called at all, but they still have a shot at making it to the league.

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We're going to put those folks who stand a chance of being called in the next three days during the draft first.


Angelo Blackson

Blackson had a great performance in the NFL Draft compared to the expectations that many had for him. He's ranked as the 26th tackle in the draft and projected as a 7th rounder or free agent, but his ability as a run stopper may lead to his name being called. He showed bursts in the Combine and during Pro Day that definitely had scouts taking a second look.

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Jermaine Whitehead

Whitehead was tired for number of interceptions by an Auburn defensive back last season, and he missed 1/3 of the season. His draft stock likely dropped a bit with that suspension as it also raised whatever "character issues" flag that some NFL scouts have. Whitehead still stands a decent chance of getting drafted and finding his way on to a roster. His size may deter some teams from grabbing him, but his ball hawking skills will surely intrigue someone enough to at least sign him as an UDFA.

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Corey Grant

Did you know that Corey Grant is fast? Well he is. Very fast. His 22 reps on the bench press at Auburn's Pro Day was no slouch, either. He's almost the same size as Cameron Artis-Payne and he's much faster. So why is he still listed so low (24th ranked RB in the class according to I think in large part it's because he wasn't the feature back and doesn't have the stats to warrant anyone moving him up. He's projected 7th round or Free Agent, but he'll end up being picked up by someone before the weekend is over.

Pat Miller

Miller was a surprise addition to the draft. Some think he may be one of those making the biggest mistake in leaving early. He indicated at one point that he was told he would have a good shot at being drafted by someone in the League, so maybe he's much more confident. That's the only reason I included him in the "Possible" category. His 40 yard time was decent, but nothing fantastic. His bench press was very low compared to other linemen. I really think Miller should have come back for his senior season, but we'll see what happens.

Probably a Free Agent

Jonathon Mincy

Mincy had a solid career at Auburn, but was never fantastic. He's got decent speed, had a pretty good showing on his reps in the bench press, and was a pretty good tackler. He's not projected to be drafted or even be picked up as an UDFA according to, but I think there's a chance he signs a deal somewhere as a free agent.

Quan Bray

Bray's senior season was by far his best. He turned into a reliable receiver who had a few big games and was one of the nation's best punt returners. He's not going to be drafted, but he could find his way on to a team somewhere as a reserve receiver and primary punt returner.

LaDarius Owens

Owens was reliable, but never really stood out. He had a great opportunity to make a name for himself in 2014 with Carl Lawson injured, but did not produce much in the way of results. He could end up with a Free Agent deal, but it would be a very tough road for him to make an NFL roster.

Chad Slade

Slade caught a lot of flack from some Auburn fans at times, but he was a solid and reliable piece to the 2014 offensive line. He's definitely got the size to be an offensive lineman in the NFL, but I'm not sure he'll be able to catch on with a team. Someone may sign him, but I doubt he makes a regular season roster.

Trovon Reed

Reed should have been playing defense his whole career at Auburn, really. He snagged a few interceptions and did a pretty good job at cornerback after switching to the position just before the 2014 campaign. Had he been there his whole career, I think we would be putting together a full draft profile for Reed. Instead, we're here discussing whether an NFL team wants to take on a project cornerback who only played the position for a single season in college. I think he signs somewhere, but like Owens, it's going to be a hard road to make a roster.

Robenson Therezie

Therezie had a spectacular 2013 campaign, but not so much in 2014. He still made some great plays, but it seemed that teams found a way to work around him in 2014. I really don't have any feel on what may happen with Therezie.

Probably Not

Jeff Whitaker

Injuries. Whitaker would be in a similar position as Blackson or maybe higher if he didn't have the injuries that he's dealt with. He could possibly get a Free Agent deal, but I have a feeling Whitaker's football career is over unless he goes north. Even then the injuries may be too much.

We wish all of these Tigers the best wherever they may end up. I hope they all find their dream realized in some fashion over the next few days. War Eagle to them all!