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2015 College and Magnolia Bracket of Brackets: THE WINNER

It was a fun little challenge. Now let's see which is the favorite bracket that people love to fill out and argue about!

Kevin Ives

First off, from the very first post:

The Background

This all started as a throw away tweet from Blake (theplaymaker). I decided the idea had some merit, so I asked Blake to possibly elaborate a bit further and ran with it from there. Blake provided the majority of the choices. I added a few of my own and replaced some that he suggested. And Everett insisted no bracket was greater than Wrestlemania IV.

The amazingly awesome photoshop work was done by Kevin Ives (@AUPPL). For high-res versions of each category's game cover go to this link. I really can't thank him enough for these. I e-mailed him with an idea and he went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I wanted to be sure to thank him up front so it gets read rather than place it at the bottom.

The Reason

You've seen all of the brackets that are out there during this time of year as everyone fills out their NCAA Tournament brackets. Spencer Hall (@edsbs) tweeted a bracket of the #1 seed in our NOMS bracket just this morning.

There have been brackets on everything. Best sports gif? SB Nation covers that every year. Hotties brackets? Just Google it, there're quite a few. Bands? Yup, those are out there. And, yes, someone has done a bracket on actual brackets (our #8 seed for STUFF).

So what's the best? Well, we're here to find out. Today, we begin the 2015 College and Magnolia Brackets Bracket. You like brackets? We have brackets. We even went extra meta and have "brackets of brackets" as an option.

The Competition

Want to know how we got here? Want to see the original field? Click each round, below!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Final Four


The Results

And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I have the envelope please...



Winner - Alcohol

Let's face it, Alcohol should have been a #1 seed all along, probably. But I just couldn't in good conscience put it there over the delicious NOMS that is BBQ. It took out BBQ in its region final, and then took down Hotties in the division final. As many have pointed out, Alcohol has a tendency to create hotties, so that's not a surprise.

What is surprising is just how much Nintendo Games gave it a run for the championship. 55%-45% was the final vote tally. But one of the tournament favorites came through in the end.

So what's your go-to choice for the liquid libation? Me, I'm a Scotch guy. One of the most relaxing things in the world for me is to sit on my porch with a single glass of scotch (Islay or Highland; I am not a fan of Speysides) and a good cigar.

Feel free to tell us your favorites in below. Maybe next year during the tournament we'll have make an alcohol bracket.

I have a feeling though... a feeling that next year we'll be more worried about an NCAA Tournament Bracket.

War Eagle.