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Coffee and Magnolia: 7 April 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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In case you missed it late last night, we finished up the Bracket of Brackets Challenge! Go check it out and see what won.


KT Harrell has been invited to the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. He'll get to showcase his talents for NBA scouts, there.Hopefully he continues his K3 ways and goes on to bigger things!

It's in a bit of both worlds, but has the required (especially for Alabama) "Who has the better coaching duo?" article/poll up.


The men are tied for 2nd after the first 36 holes of the Gary Koch Invitational in North Carolina. They're hoping to go for their fourth tournament win in five attempts as they role on towards the SEC Championships.


The Tigers are over the hump in Spring Practice (which is kind of depressing, because it means we're over half-way to no football news for a while), and head coach Gus Malzahn is happy with where the team currently sits. If Gus is happy, then I'm happy.

It sounds like the defensive backs are having a great spring from everything we're reading out there. The Montgomery Advertiser has articles on Josh Holsey's move back to cornerback and the impact Tray Matthews is having at the safety position. Having good DBs on top of a resurgent pass rush could mean big things for Auburn's defense in 2015.

Jeremy Johnson feels like its his team according to this article by's Joel Erickson. There's one thing you can definitely say about Johnson: he's confident. He's made these types of statements all spring. I'm pretty sure he wins the QB job, but it does sound like the coaches are very serious in giving White every opportunity to beat him out for it.

As for White, he's happy learning the offense and will embrace whatever his role on the team may end up being. Personally, I hope that role is back-up getting late-game reps and next season's starter because JJ has such an awesome year that he goes pro.

In "News I Really Like To Hear Because I Was Worried," there are young defensive tackles really showing out this spring. Considering Auburn's two primary starters and two of the most important back-ups have departed through graduation, the young guys have to step up if the Tigers want to have a remote shot at a good defensive line.

Auburn has finally released updated height/weight information on the roster, and details the most notable changes from last season. The offense was dropping weight and the defense was gaining it. Jovon Robinson dropping a few pounds is big. I think he'll drop another 5-10 before the season starts. He played at a lighter weight during his first year of JUCO when he was tearing things up. He wasn't quite as spectacular this past season at a heavier weight (though still very good).