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Coffee and Magnolia: 12 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Reserved seats are sold out for this weekend's Regional! I'm not sure what's left in terms of general admission seats. It should be an amazing weekend for the Softball team on the Plains! The Coaches and teams are quite happy to be at home for the NCAA Regional this year.

For a good breakdown of the Auburn Regional, AuburnUndercover has a pretty good in front of the pay-wall article.


The Tigers close out the home schedule for the regular season this afternoon. It's Super Hero day! The game is at 6pm CDT. I have no idea where I saw before that the game was at 1pm, but now I see on the official site that it is a 6pm game. That makes much more since than 1.

Phillip Marshall opines on whether or not last weekend was the worst weekend in Auburn baseball history. It's safe to say PM is not a fan of Galloway.


Lots of basketball stuff today! First, Auburn and UAB should be announcing a 4 game series. I'm glad to see that, it really is good for the state and for building good rivalries within the state of Alabama.

In terms of disciplinary stuff, Bruce Pearl is hoping that Trayvon Reed learns from his sentencing and jail time stemming from his arrest last year and grows into a much better person. Hopefully Reed matures a lot from all of this experience and takes advantage of his chance here at Auburn.

Also in disciplinary news, Bruce Pearl hopes that the investigation into the situation that kept Cinmeon Bowers out of the game against Kentucky in the SEC Tournament ends soon.


Auburn finalized a bunch of schedule stuff for the next few years and woooo boy you can bet I'm going to have some TAKES on this one. I'm going to have Dueling Posts on here and UnderdogDynasty about it, soon.

Gus Malzahn continued the Tiger Trek last night and addressed the situation regarding those (now deleted) Duke Williams tweets. He didn't really clarify what the reason behind the tweets was, but then did you really expect him to?

You can see video of Gus Malzahn speaking in Muscle Shoals here from

The Sporting News projected the 2015 College Football Playoff. Spoiler Alert: They have Auburn in the New Year's Six! Click on the link to find out exactly where.