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Coffee and Magnolia: 13 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Jaylon Denson just before his knee injury in Baton Rouge in 2013
Jaylon Denson just before his knee injury in Baton Rouge in 2013
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn closed out the final home game of the season with a good win over Morehead State last night, 7-2. Hopefully that instills some confidence in the team going into the final weekend of the season at Florida. The Tigers need a good showing against the Gators for any hope of making an NCAA Regional.


The NCAA Regional this weekend in Auburn is sold out! Hopefully a lot of Tigers fans show up and give our ladies a good home field advantage.


The series with UAB is official now, according to UAB's website!


WarRoomEagle is trying to develop a new way to determine when a team has a game "in hand." It's pretty interesting to look at and hopefully will get fleshed out even more as time goes on!

In sad news, it appears Auburn receiver Jaylon Denson's career is likely over. Denson was getting a good bit of playing time in 2013 before going down in the LSU game with a knee injury. After multiple surgeries it is unlikely he will play football again, at least not for Auburn.

Gus Malzahn wants Auburn to be a team that expects to be in the conversation for championships every season and not be dealing with seasons of increased expectations. It would definitely be nice to get past the "Auburn does best when there are no expectations" thing and just get to where it's "Auburn is expected to do well every season."

Carl Lawson has been spending a lot of time studying other great defensive players to add moves to his repertoire in order to get after the quarterback. I love that. I love that he's been watching what other great players do and is adapting his game to provide him with a larger arsenal to get after the quarterback. I want him to stay at Auburn for as long as he can, but I also really want him to have the type of season where we're discussing whether or not he's going to be a first round draft pick or not, too.

I think I forgot to include the Montgomery Advertiser's analysis of the H-Back depth yesterday, so here it is today! Also, they looked at the "split end" receiver, as well.

Those Duke Williams tweets? Dameyune Craig talked about them yesterday and tried to clear the air a bit, as well.

I hate linking to anything Finebaum, but Bo Jackson was on his show talking about his confidence in Auburn.

I forgot about Ole Miss transfer Austin Golson technically being a walk-on while red-shirting last season. Auburn is workings towards rectifying that situation. Golson is in a battle to earn the starting spot at Center for the Tigers this season. discussed what will be Auburn's toughest stretch of the season. They list the stretch of Arkansas, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and Georgia. It stops there because the Tigers will have an FCS game before the Iron Bowl, so there's a nice little break.

It's the off season, so of course people are coming up with uniform and helmet concepts. 247Sports did the SEC, and Auburn's is meh. I just don't really want to see any redesign of Auburn's helmets, personally.