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Coffee and Magnolia: 15 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Every win is critical right now if the Tigers hope to make a NCAA Regional, so the 4-1 win over Florida in the series opener last night is a really big deal for Auburn. Taking the series would go a long way towards making Auburn feel better about its post-season chances past Hoover.

I wrote a thing yesterday about whether or not Keegan Thompson should pitch this weekend even though he's been medically cleared. He didn't need to last night as Cole Lipscomb and Justin Camp did a masterful job of taking care of the Gators in Game 1. As of writing this I have not heard who the Game 2 starter will be, so I don't yet know Auburn's plans for Thompson this weekend.


It begins tonight! 5:30pm against Tennessee Tech. Give 'em hell, ladies! Get to Oklahoma City and bring home the trophy!


The SEC / Big XII Challenge for 2016 was made official, yesterday. Auburn will be hosting Oklahoma State on January 30th. It's an odd time for it, since it'll be during conference play, but it should provide an interesting break in the conference season.


The men are in Lubbock for the NCAA Regional. They are currently in 7th place. They need to finish in 5th or better in order to make it to the NCAA Championships.


I wrote a piece on Wednesday about the way Auburn appears to be scheduling, and one of our commenters wrote a nice FanPost elaborating on possible future schedule ideas (especially if the NCAA deregulates divisions) and I put it on the Front Page of the site. This is also a good reminder to our readers that if you write a really good and informative FanPost, we'll put it on the main page for everyone to see! So that's yet another way to make YOUR opinion heard!

I'm just perusing the depth chart for DBs and wow, we're short on some cornerbacks (especially healthy cornerbacks), and oh, hey, look at that, Kamryn Melton is transferring, that's really not going to help the situation at all! I'm over here looking at Stephen Roberts, Nick Ruffin, and Tim Irvin, behind starters Jay Jones (who, by the way, is coming off foot surgery) and Josh Holsey, y'all are it! That's... not good. That's very not good at all.

Speaking of being low on depth, there's the defensive end position after Elijah Daniel's dismissal (uggghhh, still so ticked at that), and Will Muschamp addressed that. We really need DaVonte Lambert to be healthy.

On the same note, Prince Tega Wanogho, Jr is coming along nicely from his broken leg. I still don't think there's any way he's going to be healthy enough to see the field this season, but I can't wait to see him on the field. I have a feeling the 2016 defensive line is going to be him at DE and Cowart at Buck (because Lawson is going to be gone to the NFL).

Auburn TE commit Landon Rice is planning to enroll at Auburn early in January, and that's big news for a number of reasons. First, there's the fact that Auburn's TE depth is not great. Right now it's just Chris Laye. He'll be joined by Jalen Harris in the Fall. Second, Rice is being pursued by a lot of schools, so getting him on board early means keeping him away from other schools.