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Coffee and Magnolia: 19 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Freshman catcher Carlee Wallace may have been knocked down, but she's ready to keep fighting!
Freshman catcher Carlee Wallace may have been knocked down, but she's ready to keep fighting!
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


The NCAA Super Regional for Auburn is up! If you're hoping to get tickets, good luck. It sold out for reserved seating and general admission within minutes. I'm not sure what the secondary market will be like for them.


The SEC Tournament begins for the Tigers, today. We'll have more information on that very soon. Auburn is hoping to make their post-season resume look even better with a good run through the SEC Tournament.

If you want to see just what uniforms every SEC baseball team wore this season and what their records were in those uniforms, Kevin Ives has you covered in ridiculous detail. I think one think we can determine from all of this is that Adidas must be stopped.


We played around with the roster for the 2015/16 basketball team and tried to figure out who might play where and what the two-deep may look like.


The Ledger-Enquirer has a feature on LB Deshaun Davis and how big things could be coming from him in the very near future. They also published a wrap-up of Auburn's spring.

We've gone over some scheduling issues in recent days and speculated on the manner in which Auburn is conducting their scheduling. It appears Jay Jacobs is still searching to find a good P5 opponent for 2018 and 2019.

The Montgomery Advertiser is over on the defensive side of the ball with their depth chart analysis, now. They took a look at the Buck position.

I'm sure you've read the reports on how this year's spring practice was the most physical of any since Gus Malzahn has been on the Plains. discusses just why that was.

There were discussions over Derrick Moncrief's transfer options. Moncrief seemed to believe he was being barred from transferring to Michigan, but Brandon Marcello later tweeted that a "high placed source" said that wasn't true. SEC schools, Louisville, and Clemson were the schools he was barred from transferring to. He later received specific word that he CAN transfer to Michigan if he wants.

The Sporting News ranked the SEC head coaches and I can't say as I agree with where they have Malzahn. Auburn's offense didn't exactly get bogged down, a lot. They still scored a ton of points. Also, yes, the defense was horrible, but the move to quickly fix the issue and with someone of Muschamp's caliber speaks volumes to the level of head coach / program CEO that Malzahn is.