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CJ Uzomah Drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in Round 5 with the 127th Overall Pick

CJ Uzomah is a Cincinnati Bengal!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

I knew someone was going to pick him up, but I didn't expect it to be in Round 5. The Bengals have picked up a steal. Uzomah's stats aren't sexy, but that's a product of the system he was in, and not his talent. If you throw the ball in his direction, he typically comes down with it. He's a good blocker. He may not be fast, but he's a great player.

Uzomah is the 6th pick for the Bengals in this season's draft. He is the second tight-end chosen by the Bengals behind Tyler Kroft from Rutgers. They have also chose two offensive tackles and a few defensive players. There are five other tight-ends on the Bengals' roster aside from Kroft and now Uzomah.

It's going to be tough for CJ Uzomah to earn a roster spot with so many tight-ends already available to the Bengals. However, we know CJ has the work ethic to push for a spot. Given a chance to act as a true tight-end, I believe his pass-catching ability will really catch the coaches' eyes. We know he can run block, because that's primarily what he had to do while on the Plains.

Good luck to CJ Uzomah in the NFL! I don't think I can emphasize enough how big a value I think this is even in the 5th round.