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Coffee and Magnolia: 27 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet

Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


The fun hasn't stopped for Auburn Softball out in Oklahoma City. They're enjoying themselves and finding all sorts of different places to practice with the constant weather issues forcing them inside or even on to roads to find dry places to throw the ball around and keep warm.

The first game is tomorrow afternoon against conference foe LSU. We'll have a look at what Auburn faces to make it to the finals this afternoon.


Auburn has some work to do if they hope to make a Super Regional in baseball. The Tigers face the prospect of playing two Top 15 teams. It's not like that's something new for the Tigers this season, though. They've played plenty of top competition in out-of-conference play and in the SEC.


Bruce Pearl expects big things from Tyler Harris, Auburn's latest grad transfer in basketball. He expects bigger things than even Harris' numbers at Providence. He'll likely be an immediate starter for the Tigers.

The Tigers are one scholarship player short right now, and Bruce Pearl may not chance that situation during the season. Perhaps that's to help bring in even more players in next season's recruiting class.


In case you haven't heard, Auburn's defensive back depth got a nice little boost, yesterday. I don't know if the drop in performance from 2013 to 2014 is due to something he did, opposing defenses figured out, or they just decided not to challenge him, but he's still a quality defensive player who adds immediate depth to a unit sorely in need of it.

Speaking of that depth chart, the Montgomery Advertiser looks at the Field Cornerback position.

At QB, Tyler Queen enters the fall as QB #3. The Ledger-Enquirer has a feature on him and what he could learn from Sean White.

ESPN has a list of the Top 10 SEC games they're looking forward to seeing this fall. Auburn has two games on the list. There are also a number of Auburn mentions in ESPN's list of 100 things they're looking forward to about this year's football season.

One oddsmaker has already released predictions of teams' win totals for this coming season. Yay.

As expected, things like the satellite camps were the talk of the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, yesterday. And the inevitable articles claiming SEC coaches are just whining followed.