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Coffee and Magnolia: 28 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

Marcy Harper
Marcy Harper
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


Hey, we did really well in the APR stuff! That's always great. Some of the programs even received perfect scores.


There are two to three teams standing in the way of Auburn and the College World Series Final. All of them are very familiar, because they're all SEC teams. We examined each of them yesterday.

Three Tigers were named to the NFCA All-American team, yesterday. Emily Carosone and Kasey Cooper were named to the first team, while Tiffany Howard was named to the third team.

The theme from the team all week has seemed to be one of having a lot of fun with the whole situation. It definitely appears the team has confidence in themselves and their coach and are taking their lead from him. After all, he's been there a few times.

The game begins at 1:30 CDT. You can find all of the information for it, here. Also that article will also be the Open Thread for the game if you care to follow along with us here at College and Magnolia (or at least with me).


Getting a jump on tomorrow's NCAA Tallahassee Regional, Tuco previewed Auburn's first opponent in College of Charleston.


Will Muschamp doesn't really agree with how quick folks are to label offenses as "spread" offenses. That's often been something that people say about Auburn's offense, as well. I can recall someone at SB Nation (Bud Elliot) saying any reasonable person would call Auburn's offense a spread. I guess I'm not "reasonable," because I don't really think it's a spread. It's a power offense that just tries to fool you with pace and formations.

The Montgomery Advertiser is getting close to finishing up their run-through of the depth chart, now. Yesterday was the Boundary Cornerback position.

Oh, did you think construction on Auburn's campus was going to slack off any time soon? Pfffffftttttttt. The Athletics Department is looking into the prospect of a new football complex, along with other things. They could renovate the current department or build a new one. If they build a new one, there aren't many places to do it. The old track is the most obvious, but I'm not a fan of that for job related reasons.

Those satellite camps? The SEC announced that if the rule out-right banning them doesn't pass (it won't; only the ACC has the same rules), then in 2016 the gloves come off and the SEC will open up the flood gates to its coaches doing the same thing elsewhere.

Oh, and hey, the fines for rushing the fields and/or courts are going to increase.

ESPN lays out the potential pitfall games for each SEC team this season. Go and check out which one they pick for Auburn. It's hard to disagree with them given past history.

The Sporting News picked the Top 25 quarterbacks in college football. Jeremy Johnson made the list!

Auburn is not going to claim any of those previous national championships in football. I don't agree with that. Auburn alum, sci-fi author, and huge Auburn fan Van Allen Plexico had a nice little Twitter rant on it last night and how the whole "we're not Alabama" argument is just stupid as it applies to some of these. I'm providing the embeds here below because you really need to read this.