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Coffee and Magnolia: 5 May 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Want to see something funny? As part of a fun video put together by the school, Auburn athletes attempt to "cross over" to other sports. They find that their talents may not extend past their own.


The official site has a weekly notebook up. This weekend is a big series against Alabama. It's the last home series of the season. The last home game will be a mid-week game next week before the Tigers travel to Florida for the final series of the year.


There are plenty of people with very high expectations for the 2015 Auburn Tigers. Auburn is even being mentioned as a national title contender by many. released their post-spring SEC Power Rankings, and Auburn sits at the very top. Part of the reason for that is that Auburn has already named Jeremy Johnson as the starting quarterback for the fall.

Gus Malzahn has set off on his yearly "Tiger Trek" to speak with Auburn Clubs around the southeast. He provided some insights to those gathered about spring practice, the draft, and many other things. He did say that the Tigers had three goals for the spring, and that they achieved all three of them.

The injury situation is a big part of everyone's mind going into the fall. Malzahn spoke briefly about that, and from what he said things should be much better when August rolls around. That's a big relief, especially since most of the injuries were on the defensive side of the ball.

One other thing he addressed is the Elijah Daniel situation. Daniel was dismissed from the team over the weekend following his arrest last Wednesday. Malzahn called the situation "very unfortunate."

We took a closer look at where those Tigers who were drafted ended up. I'm pretty excited for all of them, and think they're all in a place where they can succeed in the NFL.

Auburn offensive lineman Pat Miller left early for the draft and surprised many. He wasn't drafted, but he has no regrets. He did end up signing a free agent deal with the San Francisco 49ers. lists Nick Marshall and Reese Dismukes as two undrafted players to watch out for in the NFL. Chadd Scott spoke with some Jacksonville-area experts on Marshall's chances to make the roster. Many of them weren't too high on it. He may stick with them on special teams and then early a spot at corner a little further down the road, but I would never count out Nick Marshall's athletic ability winning out.