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Coffee and Magnolia: 10 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Good luck, Blayne!
Good luck, Blayne!
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn's final athletes still in competition for the 2014/15 school year will be taking part in the NCAA Championships in Eugene, Oregon this weekend.


Auburn's men's team was ranked #1 in the NCAA in a very important statistical category. The Tigers made it all the way to the NCAA Championships but didn't make it into the final Match Play rounds.

In former Tiger news, Blayne Barber - who has spent a lot of time on the WebDotCom Tour - qualified for the U.S. Open field. Go get 'em, Blayne!


A former Tiger is taking part in the Women's World Cup! Unfortunately not for the United States, but we wish her well, anyway!.


Yesterday we took a look at the myth of Gus Malzah's offense requiring a mobile quarterback in order to succeed or that Gus prefers a mobile quarterback. It's something that Oscar Whiskey took on two years ago, but still seems to be prevalent.

In sad news, Auburn has decided to replace the oak tree placed on Magnolia Avenue at Toomer's Corner. If you've been through the area, then you know this isn't a really big surprise. It's still sad, though.

The date for A-Day 2016 has been set, and it's a bit earlier than recent years. It's also Masters weekend, so that should be interesting. Hopefully there will be another big baseball and/or softball weekend then, as well.

The Ledger-Enquirer has been on a series about which Auburn receivers will step up, and now it's senior Ricardo Louis. Louis is deadly at times on the sweep and has made some big catches in his career. His senior season will be his chance to show that he's ready for The League. is continuing their "VIP 25" series. I misinterpreted it, yesterday, as it isn't specifically about Auburn players. It's also going to take on individuals for other teams. #24 involves someone who loves cowbells.

ESPN has a few features up on "dark horses." One involves Auburn in the national championship race. The other is on Heisman candidates. Jeremy Johnson is mentioned, but he's not the only Tiger on their radar. And no, the other isn't Duke Williams.