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Coffee and Magnolia: 11 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Rocky McCord's name was called during the MLB Draft, yesterday.
Rocky McCord's name was called during the MLB Draft, yesterday.
Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


The preliminaries for the men's events were last night in Eugene. The women will be tonight. The finals will then follow over the next two nights. I don't have any links for you right now other than to the NCAA's results page, but I will have more for you at some point.


Trey Wingenter and Rocky McCord had their names called during the 2015 MLB Draft yesterday. We wish both of them the best of luck!


The non-conference slate for the 2015-16 season was announced yesterday afternoon. It looks like Bruce Pearl is continuing his trend of wanting tough teams to test his squad.


WarRoomEagle has developed the second of his "knockout" methods for judging college football games. I think you'll really like this one if you haven't already checked it out. Hopefully we can keep track of his idea throughout the season and use it as a measurement of a team's strength.

In an effort to have a little bit of fun I expanded upon an idea Stewart Mandel had about college football games that would "break the internet" if Social Media had existed when they were played and applied it to Auburn games. Yes, I acknowledge my horrible omission of 1994 LSU. I don't know how I missed that one.  is on #23 of their Auburn VIP 25. This is a familiar foe for the Tigers who was at one SEC school last season, but is at a new one for this season.

Will Auburn be more of a passing team this season with Jeremy Johnson at the helm? Probably. I still think they'll run the ball just as much, too, though.

I don't think this is really new information, but it's a good article on the subject of Auburn covering Duke Williams' "loss of value" insurance should anything happen to him that affects his future in football.

The Sporting News wants you to know the Top 10 SEC games they're predicting will be the best (or at least the ones they're looking forward to the most right now).

Want a lofty prediction for Auburn's 2015 campaign? The AP definitely has one.