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Coffee and Magnolia: 15 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Wade Rackley / Auburn Athletics


It was a pretty good weekend overall for Auburn at the NCAA Track and Field Championships. Sophomore Marshay Ryan finished second in the triple-jump. For all the stories on the Track and Field team's weekend at the NCAA Outdoor Championships, go to the official site's Track and Field page.


Auburn freshman (now rising sophomore) Ben Schlottman won the Palmetto Amateur over the weekend. Congrats to him on that!


The Plainsman has an article about KT Harrell looking forward to being the underdog and proving himself in the NBA. Hopefully he gets his chance at it once the draft comes around soon.


WarRoomEagle wrote a piece on the history of "knockouts" in college football. You should check it out and gain more of an appreciation for Tubberball.

While you're at it, see his criteria for those "knockouts" that he recently perfected, as well as his early work on it from a month or so ago.

There's more word now on the situation regarding Jamel Dean, the former Ohio State signee who plans to enroll at Auburn. It looks like we won't see him on the field until 2016. By all accounts, Dean is quite happy to be away from Ohio State.

Prince Tega Wanogho, Jr has been cleared and will be enrolling at Auburn very soon. He is the final one from this season's class, meaning that all of Auburn's 2015 signees will make it on to campus.

He's not locked in to the position yet, but Austin Golson used the spring to put himself in a great position to win the starting center spot this fall.

Roc Thomas is learning how to run north-south, and that's a good thing. When I first saw his high school footage, I was worried about his jump-cut and tendency to try to make people miss and go for the highlight run. That type of mentality can lead to more fumbles and it can lead to short or no gains when running with a full head of steam may have picked up a few yards more. Thomas will be much more effective by running hard and waiting for the right time to make his moves for the long run.

Maurice Swain knows the position he's in and how much is expected of him to provide quality depth and experience at the defensive tackle position.

The VIP 25 is back to Auburn players with #21, and it's closely related to #25. While you're at it, you can check out their retrospective of 2014 and see just how correct they were in their predictions.

Brandon Marcello has an excellent look back at Gus Malzahn's high school days. Not just his high school coaching days, but his high school PLAYING days, and what that's mean to him. It's an excellent read and I highly recommend you check it out.

Who are the top SEC players by position? gives their opinion. See what Tigers made the list!

ESPN decided to use Auburn (in addition to 9 other schools; none of which were Georgia or Alabama, somehow) in a feature on prosecution rates of athletes getting arrested. They determined that they couldn't really draw any concrete conclusions about Auburn due to the way the city does business with records requests, arrests, and sealing of records. I'm glad they at least acknowledge that some athletes say they felt targeted because they were football players, rather than feeling they were invincible. It at least somewhat helps offset their statement that "it’s likely more crimes were either committed or alleged at Auburn."