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Coffee and Magnolia: 17 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


Jay Jacobs went out and hired another proven coach from Arizona State. This time to head the Women's Golf Team. Hopefully this coach will work out as well as our other Arizona State transplant.


Do you like concept uniforms? 'Cause we've got concept uniforms! Kevin Ives put his usual photoshop magic to work and gives us some looks at possible Auburn baseball kits. Be warned, though: The Adidas is strong with this post.


The news hasn't been very good in the defensive backfield all summer, so hopefully this article about Nick Ruffin and his "enlightening" spring is something to assuage some of the fears. Ruffin spent last season at the Star, and Safety was the likely landing spot for him this year.

The VIP 25 is on to the man who Auburn will face in Game 1 of the 2015 season and who many wanted to be Auburn's head coach after Gene Chizik was fired. I'm gonna just leave this here.

What Auburn freshmen make it into's list of ten offensive SEC freshmen who could make an early impact? Check it out and see!

ESPN lists their top five offensive duos in the SEC, and an Auburn duo makes the list. Yeah, it's the one you're probably thinking of.

The Sporing News released their Pre-Season All-American team, and there's one Auburn player on their radar. Again, you know who it is.

Phillip Marshall did a great job collecting these quotes and bits about Auburn players working hard in the NFL.

In less exciting news, Eltoro Freeman was released by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He was making a bid to get back into pro football after a three year absence.