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Auburn Tigers on Phil Steele's 2015 Preseason All-SEC and All-American Team

Auburn has placed quite a few players on Steele's pre-season teams this year.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting closer and closer to Steelemas! Steelemas - the day Phil Steele's College Football Preview Magazine is released - is the first real step from "postseason off-season" to "preseason off-season." That comes July 1st. The next big step is Media Days shortly thereafter. After that, we're just one short step away from FOOTBALL.

With one month to go, Mr Steele released his preseason all All-American and All-Conference teams yesterday.

All SEC Team:

So, for Auburn we have...

1st Team: Duke Williams, WR; Avery Young, OL; Cassanova McKinzy, LB

2nd Team: Jeremy Johnson, QB; Alex Kozan, OL; Montravius Adams, DT; Kris Frost, LB; Jonathan Jones, CB; Rudy Ford, CB

3rd Team: Carl Lawson, DE

4th Team: Jovon Robinson, RB

In case you're wondering, Auburn's 11 total players on the All-SEC Team is one behind Alabama's 12.

That's a pretty good list. I'll take that. Do I think Carl Lawson and Alex Kozan deserve to be higher? Sure, but they're both coming back from injury, so I understand placing them where they are. Similar to Jeremy Johnson being 2nd team QB. He hasn't proven himself as a consistent starter, yet. It shows the level of expectation for him that he's 2nd team with his limited time.

I'm really surprised to see Jovon Robinson make the list, even if it is all the way down at 4th team. No one knows what Robinson will do on the big stage. Yes, he was the highest rated JUCO running back. Yes, he was a stud coming out of high school. Still, we don't know what he's going to do at this level just yet.

Personally, I think Robinson will be a stud. He may not be the best running back in the SEC (it's going to be hard to knock Nick Chubb out of that spot), but I think by season's end he'll be at least 2nd.

So because it's the offseason and it's pointless prognostication time, let's take a look at who where those folks may end up in the post season. Here's my prediction...

1st Team: Jeremy Johnson, Duke Williams, Avery Young, Alex Kozan, Cass McKinzy, Carl Lawson

2nd Team: Monty Adams, Jay Jones, Rudy Ford, Kris Frost, Jovon Robinson

Homer? Very much so. However, I think that could be legitimate. You could even bump Monty Adams up to 1st team if he has the year his talent makes him capable of having. I also think we'll add a few more (I could see Tray Matthews making the list), but I just looked at the ones on this particular list.

All-American Team:

1st Team: Duke Williams, WR

3rd Team: Cassanova McKinzy, LB

4th Team: Alex Kozan, OL; Avery Young, OL

I find it very interesting that he thinks as high of Cassanova McKinzy as he does. I definitely believe Cass is a talented linebacker, but this is a very high opinion. I certainly hope he's correct!

I really think with Jeremy Johnson throwing to him (and assuming he stays healthy), Duke Williams is going to be the #1 wide receiver taken in the 2016 draft. He's that good.