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Coffee and Magnolia: 2 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Coach Clint Myers addresses fans gathered to welcome the softball team home.
Coach Clint Myers addresses fans gathered to welcome the softball team home.
Walt Austin


I wrote a piece yesterday reviewing the softball team's season and how their run through the NCAA Tournament and Women's College World Series changed me from someone mildly interested in the doings of another Auburn sport into a softball fan.

The Softball team was welcomed home by a pretty good crowd at Jane B. Moore Field yesterday afternoon. I would say half the stands were filled. A good bit of the football staff was there. I saw Rhett Lashlee, Dameyune Craig, and Gus Malzahn for certain. Pretty sure I saw linebackers coach Lance Thompson, as well. Oh, and there's this...

Now that I've seen them in person, I can also confirm that catcher Carlee Wallace is tiny. I believe she's listed at 5'2. Makes her going up to snag those high pitches look even more impressive.

Auburn added some temporary extra seating to Jane B. Moore Field during the 2015 season. Now they're discussing adding some more permanent upgrades.

Clint Myers says that Auburn is his last job and that he'll be here as long as Auburn wants him. After what he's done in his first two seasons and with his track record of coaching, I think it's safe to say that Auburn will want him around for as long as he has any desire to coach.


The baseball season is done as well, and Coach Golloway is talking about ways this team can build upon making the NCAA Regional this season. I understand he lives by the small-ball philosophy, but it seems to me that Auburn needs to get at least one power hitter.


The golf team's season is done after they finished 12th in the NCAA Championships. They needed to finish 8th or higher to make it into the match play portion. This was the 4th best finish in the history of the men's golf program.


There's really not much to talk about in terms of current football news right now, and that's a good thing. We're in the doldrums of the off season, so any big news will likely not be good. We'll have some football related things up on the site this week, though. In fact, I'll have one up around lunch time today.'s SEC bloggers were discussing who the best QB in the SEC is and basically saying it's Dak Prescott vs the rest. One of them does mention that he's excited to see what Jeremy Johnson can do.

I forgot to include this yesterday and initially this morning, but Chadd Scott examined just how much the SEC Network had to do with the revenue increases for SEC teams and determined that it really wasn't all that much.

In former Auburn Tiger news, Cam Newton is getting paaaaaaaaid. I can't help but think it would have been better for him to take a bit less and say "dedicate some of that spare money to getting me a better offensive line and some receivers," though. One of our commenters won the day on Twitter with this tweet, though: