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Coffee and Magnolia: 23 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

That sure is a pretty trophy, Avery. Hope you can carry it off the field again, this year.
That sure is a pretty trophy, Avery. Hope you can carry it off the field again, this year.
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports


Oh, wait, wrong subject. Still, though. The US Women's National Team won last night in the FIFA Women's World Cup, and that's awesome. They're on to the quarterfinals against China.


We decided to have a little fun and contemplate what would have happened if there had been an early signing period in college football over the past few years. I tried to avoid getting serious, but in the end I just couldn't help myself.

Auburn added the 11th commitment of the 2016 recruiting class to the fold, yesterday. He was previously a Vols commit, but decided to make his pledge to the Tigers. I also found out that my brother (only three years older than me) was in the same high school class as Brodarious' father. That's hard to fathom for me.

The VIP 25 is back on Auburn people, and this time it's the man they consider to be Auburn's best offensive lineman. It's hard to argue with that considering he almost went pro last season as a redshirt sophomore. I doubt he sticks around after this coming season, which is what makes the commitment of Brodarious Hamm even bigger.

Auburn vs Louisville made ESPN's "Ultimate SEC Road Trip" feature. It's behind Alabama vs Wisconsin in Arlington, but it's still there.

I'd love to tell you where Auburn fits into ESPN's "Future Power Rankings," but that's behind their ESPN Insider paywall, and I'll be damned if I'm giving ESPN money for that. Even if I probably could write it off on taxes as a business expense.

Cam Newton had a QB Skills Challenge this past weekend. He was given a football to throw that was apparently a bit... deflated. So, he made the obvious joke.

That's pretty much it, this morning. We'll have some Jordan-Hare Stadium updates for you around lunch unless some other news breaks, and we may even discuss some basketball stuff. Bear with us as we get through the long dark tea time of the soul that is June. Real football stuff will start happening before long. Besides, the less major news out of Auburn right now (aside from commitments), the better.