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Coffee and Magnolia: 25 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Unfortunately, it's unlikely that either K.T. Harrell or Antoine Mason will have their names called during tonight's NBA Draft, but they're still working hard to find their way into the league.


I had some fun with possible plans for the Auburn SEC Network take-over day on 1 July. I put together a realistic schedule, a ridiculous fake schedule of made-up shows, and a HARD BARNIN' schedule.

The VIP 25 is on #13, now. We're still on Auburn players, although this one has yet to suit up in a single game for the Tigers. I'll give you an obvious hint: we're expecting him to help out with the past rush.

Duke Williams is, of course, on Mel Kiper, Jr's radar as one of the best receivers in the nation going into next year's NFL Draft. I think we're all fairly certain that Duke will be one of the first receivers taken in the 2016 draft. has a feature about what SEC state produces the most players by position and which schools have recruited how many of those position players from each state since 2006. It's kind of confusing, but does show you a bit about where certain types of players are coming from.

Auburn makes's ultimate SEC Road Trip again for Week 3 with their game in Baton Rouge against LSU. That will be a very important early season test for Auburn.

If that's not enough, they also look at reasons why Auburn will - or won't - make the College Football Playoff.

Athlon Sports labels Auburn as one of the most improved teams for 2015. That's a rather strange label at first site, since you realize that Auburn is really more rebuilding than improving, but I do think the Tigers will be much improved on the defensive side of the ball.

The NCAA is looking at allowing underclassmen in basketball who declare for the draft and go un-drafted to return to college. New SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is looking at how that's not a bad idea for football, either.