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Coffee and Magnolia: 26 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy One Year Anniversary of running College and Magnolia to me! Here's my original introduction piece from a year ago. I'll have a little more to say on this later this afternoon.


The SEC Network schedules for soccer and volleyball are out, so you can find out when you'll be able to see some of Auburn's non-revenue sports on TV this fall.


There's a new video edition of "This is Auburn Basketball" on the main site.


After talking about the progress of the various construction projects around Auburn the other day, yesterday we published some personal ideas and thoughts on what upgrades could or should be made in the future.

Speaking of the stadium and its upgrades, the senior football class signed the beam that will finish off the new scoreboard.'s VIP 25 is approaching the Top 10, now. This time it's one of Auburn's returning senior linebackers.

It's a sort of Finebaum alert (his show, but a guest host), but there's video of Phil Steele talking about Auburn as a Top 10 team.

There's two other features on Auburn personnel on from yesterday. One is about Travaris Robinson and how happy he is to be back at Auburn. The other is a brief bit from JB Grimes about Avery Young.

Is Jeremy Johnson a Heisman Trophy candidate? Athlon Sports examines his possible candidacy.

Speaking of Jeremy Johnson, how is he training and getting ready to be Auburn's starting quarterback? With virtual reality.

ESPN named their top football and basketball performances in the same year, and there's a very familiar Auburn duo at the top of the list.

Louisville announced their new special uniforms for the opening game against Auburn. They're, uh, interesting.

Philip Lutzenkirchen's former high school is going to name their football field after the former Auburn tight-end.