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It's Been a Year. College and Magnolia Future Plans

It's been a year. What are your thoughts?

Walt Austin

I mentioned it in the link dump this morning, but today marks one year since I took over from Chris Fuhrmeister as the head of this wonderful little orange and blue corner of the Internet. Here's my original introduction piece from that day.

It's been quite a ride over the past year. I now have one complete academic/sports cycle behind me, and I have a little better idea of what needs to be done to properly cover Auburn sports in a way I think all of the readers here will appreciate.

There's definite room for improvement. I was a little burned out for a bit and didn't really cover baseball or softball during their regular seasons in the manner they deserved. Basketball wasn't really covered on the site as well as it could have been, either. Oh, sure, we had the previews and post game posts, and Tuco did an awesome job with his YouTube Themed conference power rankings, but I definitely want more of that.

One thing I will probably be doing in the next few days is putting out a call for folks who want to write about basketball, baseball, or any of the other minor sports (and probably have a piece of football season, too). We've had some of our writers who don't have the time to contribute as much or at all, anymore, so there's space available. Some who mainly wrote only about football will be back for football season.

For football, I definitely want to find someone who loves statistics, because WarRoomEagle has an awesome project idea for this year that he won't have the time to dedicate to along with his normal film study posts. Hopefully we'll be able to inject a bit more humor around this season, too. We're a blog, after all, not a news-specific site. If you've ever read EveryDayShouldBeSaturday, I'm going to attempt to resurrect Lt. War Dog Eagle (with Spencer's blessing, which he's given) for at least one post this fall.

Now I ask all of you... what have you liked in particular, missing from the old days, or new things you'd like to see covered more? I'm already thinking of ways to resurrect the College and Magnolia Podcast in some form. I'm hoping to have something once a week on recruiting. Outside of that, I want to hear from y'all who read this site every day what you would like to see more of. I can't guarantee we can do it all, but we're going to try to be constantly improving.

Thanks for letting me ramble on with my thoughts on Auburn sports and for taking the time out of your days to come read it. Hopefully we go nowhere but up from here