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Coffee and Magnolia: 29 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

I mentioned it on Friday, but it's been just over a year now since I took over here at College and Magnolia. I wrote a small bit about it.


KT Harrell will be playing for the 76ers in the Summer League. Still no word on what Antoine Mason will be doing.


Want to see the new scoreboard up close? Well, now you can! There's also a visual comparison between the old and the new. In a pretty neat idea, Auburn's seniors all got to sign one of the top beams of the board.

According to's poll of the SEC's sports information directors, Auburn and Georgia are predicted to face each other in a rematch for the SEC Championship. Also during that vote, they have a pre-season All-SEC team. Their votes of the best players in the SEC at each position are pretty interesting. It's almost a mirror of that All-SEC team, but gets a bit more specific at who they think are the best at each position.

Betting lines are out, and boy were they interesting at first. Even with how much hype has surrounded so far, the Tigers began favored in only 5 of the 9 games listed. Last I saw, the Arkansas line had dropped considerable, though. It appears quite a few people were taking Auburn in that one.

Former Auburn Tiger Philip Lutzenkirchen's old high school is going to name their field after him. I'm planning on putting up a little more about Lutzie later this morning as today is the one year anniversary of his death.