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Auburn SEC Network Takeover Schedule - The Real One

Last week we played with a fake format. Today the official schedule is released.

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ESPN has released the full schedule for Auburn's "SEC Network Takeover" on Wednesday, 1 July 2015. They're currently in the middle of Alabama's day, today. Arkansas will follow. For those of us living in the Central time zone, the Auburn takeover will actually begin on Tuesday night at 11pm CDT.

Last week we put together a mock schedule for the day's festivities. It contained a serious schedule, a goofy fake one, and then a FULL BARN. You can check it out, here.



I actually considered 2006 Florida, but didn't think it was a big enough game. I'm shocked that not one of Auburn's SEC Championship games is on the list. Same with the Miracle at Jordan-Hare. Of the Iron Bowls, I figured 2010 would make it before 2003.

Honestly, I'm not happy with this football schedule at all. Aside from the BCS Championship game and the Florida game, every other game is an Iron Bowl. Not even one game from the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry? The 2005 or 2013 games would have been awesome to use. How about Auburn vs Tennessee? That 2004 regular season game was one of the more dominant showings by an Auburn football team that I can remember.


If you're going to go with full games, these are good ones to go with. The LSU game this past year is the SEC Tournament game, which highlights K3 Harrell at his best. The victory over Ole Miss in 1999 is a great game from one of the better Auburn basketball teams in the school's history.


I'm so glad they put in the game against Tennessee. That was the first softball game I ever watched from start to finish, and it hooked me in for the run through the tournament. I'll be watching them much more closely, next season. The Alabama game is a good choice, as well. The Tigers battled back not once, but twice from five run deficits.


They, like me, struggled to find something for baseball. It will be a part of the two documentaries, though. The soccer match against Alabama is a good way to showcase some of the other teams. It had to be from this past season, with the SEC Network dramatically increasing the coverage for all non-revenue sports. I'm a little disappointed they're going to re-air the "This is Auburn" feature so soon after it's initial airing that day. Both are taking prime-time slots.

From ESPN:

The actual schedule, with the descriptions from ESPN's marketing department, is below...

SEC Network Takeover (#SECNTakeover) continues Wednesday, July 1 with the Auburn Tigers taking over the national television network for 24 hours. With the help of men’s basketball head coach Bruce Pearl, Auburn selected 10 marquee television events from the vault* to re-live with fans. The day’s programming will also include two ESPN Films centered around Auburn royalty Bo Jackson, as well as the SEC Storied chronicling the athletic powerhouse built by Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley and Frank Thomas in the 1980s. 

"The Auburn day on the SEC Network is a great opportunity to showcase all the moments and students that have made Auburn great," said Director of Athletics Jay Jacobs. "It was important to give the Auburn Family the programming they wanted to see during our Takeover day, so we gave them an opportunity to vote on their favorite classic games. This day is for the Auburn Family."

Auburn #SECNTakeover Schedule includes:

  • 2006 Auburn vs. Florida (Football)Undefeated Florida came to Jordan-Hare Stadium ranked No. 2 in the nation and the Auburn Tigers ranked No. 11. Auburn fans remember the blocked punt that helped hand the eventual national champion its only loss of the season.
  • 2014 Auburn vs. Alabama (Soccer)The Auburn soccer team won its third straight "Iron Bowl of Soccer" over Alabama in this overtime thriller. It also featured the return of Alabama player Abby Lutzenkirchen to Auburn’s campus after the passing of her brother, former Auburn tight end, Philip.
  • 1999 Auburn vs. Ole Miss (Men’s Basketball) – One of the most dominant games from one of the most successful seasons in Auburn basketball history, the win over the Rebels helped the Tigers to a perfect 15-0 at home and an eventual SEC Championship.
  • 2015 Auburn vs. Alabama (Softball)Auburn and Alabama entered the game both ranked No. 5/6 in the polls. After a back-and-forth, high scoring game, Auburn battled back from a 5-run deficit for a win that led to most successful season in program history.
  • 1982 Auburn vs. Alabama (Football)Otherwise known as the "Bo over the Top" game, this classic Iron Bowl introduced to the college football a freshman running back from Bessemer, Ala., Bo Jackson.
  • 2015 Auburn vs. Tennessee (Softball)A comeback win gives Auburn softball its first SEC Tournament title in program history.
  • 2003 Auburn vs. Alabama (Football)Known as the "Go Crazy, Cadillac" game, running back Carnell Williams took the opening handoff 80 yards for the score. He later scored the final touchdown to give Auburn its second straight Iron Bowl win and extend what would be an string of six-in-a-row for the Tigers.
  • 2011 BCS National Championship – It was the meeting of the top offensive teams in the country and the culmination of a season that saw Auburn go from a preseason No. 22 ranking to No. 1 in the country and complete a perfect 14-0 record. Led by Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton and Lombardi Award winner Nick Fairley, the game was won by a Wes Byrum field goal as time expired.
  • 2013 Auburn vs. Alabama (Football)"Kick Six" is the now famous term given to what many call the greatest college football game in history, the 2013 Iron Bowl. The game pitted No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Auburn in the battle for the SEC West title. The game held up to its billing.
  • 2015 Auburn vs. LSU (Men’s Basketball)  An improbable run in the SEC Tournament, Auburn entered as the 13-seed, winning three games in three days. The third win turned out to be a nail biting come-from-behind win over LSU secured by a 3-pointer by KT Harrell to send the game to overtime.
  • This is Auburn – "This is Auburn" is an original program produced by War Eagle Productions, giving viewers a look at what makes Auburn great. Whether it is the unique traditions, the family feeling, the student development, the community impact or its ability to help through adversity, This is Auburn. The 60-minute episode explores all these in special feature vignettes.

Time (ET)



2006 Auburn vs. Florida (Football)

2 a.m.

2014 Auburn vs. Alabama (Soccer)

3:30 a.m.

1999 Auburn vs. Ole Miss (Basketball)

5:30 a.m.

2015 Auburn vs. Alabama (Softball)

7:30 a.m.

You Don't Know Bo

9 a.m.

1982 Auburn vs. Alabama (Football)

11 a.m.

2015 Auburn vs. Tennessee (Softball)

1 p.m.

2003 Auburn vs. Alabama (Football)

3 p.m.

2011 BCS National Championship

5 p.m.

2015 Auburn vs. LSU (Men’s Basketball)

7 p.m.

This is Auburn

8 p.m.

2013 Auburn vs. Alabama

10 p.m.

This is Auburn (re-air)

11 p.m.

Bo, Barkley, & The Big Hurt

(schedule subject to change)
*Takeover schedules were created from available television inventory; NCAA Championships were not available for re-air