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Coffee and Magnolia: 4 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

There really isn't a whole lot out there that I can find for today. I have a feeling it's going to be that way for a good bit of June. I don't know how much I'll be able to write next week (don't worry, I've got stuff in the pipeline to make sure there's still new articles on the site), but expect some small link dumps until we hit Steelemas and Media Days in July. And also expect some strange, maybe not even sports related articles.


This year's Women's College World Series was one of the most-watched in the history of the sport. Auburn played a part in that.


Auburn picked up a big commitment yesterday from someone who could very much be the future of Auburn football. Imagine a slightly larger, slightly slower, but much better passing version of Nick Marshall. That's pretty much Woody Barrett. And by slow I just mean his top-end speed. He's definitely got the moves and tackle-breaking ability.

Are you excited about Carl Lawson being healthy, again? You should be. And opposing teams should be very afraid. There have been a number of articles this offseason about how Carl is very much a student of the game. The Ledger-Enquirer has one out, now. Carl Lawson watches plenty of film and studies himself and other players to see how to get better. He has a ton of natural ability, and he's humble enough to know there are others he can learn from. That's a dangerous combination. I can't wait.

Remember a week or so ago when I talked about un-retiring of numbers at some colleges? ESPN discusses the football numbers of SEC schools that should never be messed with.

Well look at Sir Charles being all philanthropic. Way to go, Charles.