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Coffee and Magnolia: 5 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

T-Rob and Coach Boom
T-Rob and Coach Boom
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


Hey, we've still got softball news! Freshman Carlee Wallace and senior Branndi Melero were named to the Women's College World Series All-Tournament Team. It was well deserved. Especially for Carlee Wallace, whose bat was responsible for a number of Auburn's hits.


The SEC has some rule changes for this coming season. I wrote something about it yesterday afternoon. I even had to defend Nick Saban a bit in that piece after all of the fluff on Twitter yesterday about him not getting the difference between domestic violence and the actions of Cam Newton and Nick Marshall.

With those rule changes, says that keeping a level playing field is something the SEC has to realize isn't the NCAA's priority any more. This is something that really should have been obvious. That was the whole point of "autonomy" for the Power Five conferences, after all. In the past one of the P5 could count on the NCAA backing them in a grievance with the other P5 conferences due to the plight of the "little man." Now? Not so much.

Joe Whitt, Sr retired from Auburn last month after 34 years with the school. Phillip Marshall has a great look back at his time at Auburn.

The Ledger-Enquirer talked about Tony Stevens the other day in Auburn's search for receivers to step up. Another Auburn player looking to become a key cog in the receiving corps is Myron Burton. Burton was the offensive MVP for A-Day this season. However, that's hardly been an indicator of performance for that season in recent years.

All but one of Auburn's 2015 signees have arrived on campus. The one who has not arrived is Prince Tego Wanogho, Jr. That is not because there is an issue with Prince Tego qualifying. He is expected to arrive on campus in the next few weeks. He's just taking a bit more time getting some things in order. Still no official world on Darius James, the Offensive Lineman from Texas.

Defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson told the Montgomery Advertiser that Auburn's secondary is "thin in the right way." I'm not really sure how to take that. I get what he's saying once you read the full article, but it still doesn't sound good to be so thin where we will essentially be requiring some of the true freshman to contribute immediately.

Jerry Hinnen addresses the SEC West teams' total win number odds and whether to take the over or under on them. I would definitely agree with him on Auburn.

ESPN posted a list of the best players wearing a given number in college football. There is one Auburn player on that list. The SEC Blog created a list of those who didn't make that list but were very close to challenging for the best wearing their current number. There's another Auburn player on that list! Obviously, or I wouldn't be posting it.