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Coffee and Magnolia: 9 June 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


There've been some rule changes! Pretty much all of the rule changes that were proposed have passed. 30 second shot clock. One fewer time out in the 2nd half. Four ten minute quarters in the women's games. See all of the changes to the men's game here and the women's game here!

What does Bruce Pearl think about the changes in the men's game? He thinks they could help Auburn be a better defensive team.


Auburn lost a lot of players from last season's team. Just how many did they lose? Well, we wrote a thing about it that you should definitely check out.

Phillip Marshall has a great look at the strange animal that is Auburn Football in the greater landscape of the sport. reveals what they're referring to as Auburn's "VIP 25." The 25 most important players for the 2015 season.

He's the #2 guy at quarterback, but Sean White knows he's just one play away from being #1 and he's approaching his practices and work ethic as if he could start at any moment. Sounds good to me.

Going back to that first article in the football section here, ESPN says that the secondary is Auburn's most important non-quarterback position for this season. It's hard to argue with that.

ESPN's SEC bloggers ask who is the better receiver... Duke Williams or Laquon Treadwell? It sounds to me like they really both wanted to pick the same one, but one of them had to write about the other.

Some folks seem to think experience (or lack thereof) at quarterback is a huge issue for a team. Well, ESPN (among others) have looked at just how many championship teams over the past few years have made it there with a first-year starter at QB.