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Outland Trophy Watch List: Young and Kozan Make the List

In what should be a shock to no one, Auburn's offensive guards make the Outland Trophy Watch List

We love you for this, Avery
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The Outland Trophy is given to the best interior lineman regardless of which side of the ball he plays on. Auburn has one previous recipient of the award: Tracy Rocker. Reese Dismukes was nominated for the Outland Trophy, but did not win the award.

Alex Kozan

This should come as no shock to anyone. Kozan was dominant in his true freshman season, and if he's healthy there's no reason to suspect that will change. Kozan - along with Jay Proscho - was one of the main reasons for Auburn's success in running the ball in 2013. His ability to push beyond the line and get to the second level blocks helped open numerous holes for Tiger runners.

Avery Young

Young is the same way, except we have two clear years of film to see it. If Austin Golson is even close to Dismukes' level of play at center, you could see Auburn having one of the most dominant interior offensive lines in the nation. That spells trouble for opposing teams facing the Auburn rushing attack.

Young could have gone pro after last season (his redshirt sophomore year), but chose to return. I think it's safe to say this is our last year with him. We'll always have this, though...

Avery Young Reaction gif