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2015 Watch Lists: Butkus Award and Lombardi Award

More Tigers get added to lists!

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

We're starting to see a lot of familiar names on these lists. Two more watch lists were released today!

Rotary Lombardi Award

The Lombardi Award is given out to "down linemen, end-to-end, either on offense or defense, who set up no farther than 10 yards to the left or right of the ball, or linebackers who set up no farther than five yards deep from the line of scrimage."

Well alright. That's a very detailed explanation. It's also a rather big list. One difference over other awards is that this is technically a "preliminary watch list." The list will be updated before the season begins to highlight players who receive "significant preseason honors."

Auburn boasts two former winners of the Lombardi Award: Nick Fairly and Tracy Rocker

Avery Young

Young represents an excellent chance to do what Tracy Rocker did: sweep the Outland and Lombardi. Bask in his awesomeness this season while you can, Tiger fans. He'll be in the NFL next year.

Cassanova McKinzy

More pre-season honors for Cass! I realize these are just watch lists, but it still shows that many people respect the job McKinzy has done over the last few years and that they expect him to have a big showing in Will Muschamp's defense.

The Butkus Award

The Butkus Award is given to the nation's top high school, college, and professional linebackers. Auburn does not have a previous winner of the Butkus Award. However, this year three (yes, three) Tigers make the watch list.

Kris Frost & Cassanova McKinzy

Both of Auburn's returning senior linebackers are on this watch list. This marks the fourth list that McKinzy has been on, and the first for Frost. Cass is on the watch list for pretty much every award he's eligible for. Here's to hoping he has the kind of season where he's on the final lists, too.

Carl Lawson

But wait, why is a defensive end on the Butkus Award list for linebackers!? Well, because this season Lawson will be playing as Will Muschamp's hybrid "Buck." Sometimes he'll be down as a traditional DE, and others he'll be standing up as a 3-4 linebacker.

It's good to see Lawson make a list like this. If he is truly healthy and better than ever, I expect a monster season out of him.

Still to Come:

Wed., July 15: Biletnikoff Award / Wuerffel Trophy

Thurs, July 16: Davey O’Brien Award / Doak Walker Award

Fri., July 17: Walter Camp Award