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Coffee and Magnolia: 22 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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City of Auburn

It's happening! It's REALLY happening!


Auburn will face New Mexico in the opening round of the three-day Diamond Head Classic in Hawaii over Christmas break this December.


Continuing the expectations theme, Tuco discussed whether the whole "Auburn Expectations Curse" is a real thing. That was after I discussed whether this is the year Auburn flips the script for the fans. This afternoon I plan on publishing an article about expectations and hype surrounding our starting quarterback.

Speaking of that starting quarterback, someone apparently forgot to tell ESPN that he is the starter. I can't help but wonder how ESPN could be that ill prepared to speak to Gus. Oh well.

Defensive Backs coach Travaris Robinson has big things in mind for local product Stephen Roberts. It's easy to forget - since they didn't play much last season - that Auburn signed quite a nice DB class in 2014. Hopefully they'll be ready to produce this season.

What does Auburn have in mind for Darius Slayton? Think the Sammie Coates roll. He's about the same height as Sammie, and he's supposed to be as fast or faster. Will we see Slayton take over the deep threat roll by the end of the season? Maybe so.

Malzahn spoke about a few things like how much he gets involved with the defense and his desire to see the college football playoff expand to eight teams during his rounds of the various ESPN shows, today.

Ryan Davis (not to be confused with the 30 other players named "Davis" on the roster) is likely destined for a redshirt this season given his size. Wide receivers is a position Phillip Marshall broke down in his analysis of the Tigers' various position groups for the 2015 season.