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Coffee and Magnolia: 23 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


She's only going to be a sophomore at Auburn, and Kelli Murphy has qualified for the US Women's Amateur Championship. That's pretty impressive.


Do we need Jeremy Johnson to be as good as Cam Newton? No, we do not. I wrote about the hype and expectations surrounding Auburn's starting quarterback, yesterday.

The Montgomery Advertiser is previewing Auburn's opponents. All 12 of them over the course of 12 days. Yesterday was the opening opponent: Louisville. is also previewing future Auburn opponents, and as luck would have it they've got the Jacksonville State and LSU games done.

We know Duke Williams is set for a big NFL career, but Auburn coaches think as many as three Tigers receivers from this season's squad could make it to the League next season. One other one is obviously senior Ricardo Louis. I'll let you check inside the article to see who the third is.

In positional news, we know what positions newcomers Kaleb Kim and Marquel Harrell will play. Some of those guys Auburn is going to get five and a half seasons with, as the early enrollees got spring practice for this season, a redshirt year, and then four years of eligibility afterwards.

ESPN is looking at skill players who are "Mr Clutch" at their position in the SEC. Relevant to Auburn's interests are their pass-catchers and runners.

Sports On Earth (I was unfamiliar with them before this) published a list of their "best 100 football teams of all time." Only one Auburn Tigers team made their list, and that one was in the 50-26 range.