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2017 4 Star Quarterback Lowell Narcisse Commits to Auburn

Auburn adds commitment #3 to the 2017 recruiting class, and it's a big one.

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The nation's #3 Dual-Threat quarterback for the 2017 cycle and the #3 overall recruit in the state of Louisiana, Lowell Narcisse, picked the orange and blue Tigers over the purple and gold Tigers this evening in his home town of St. James, Louisiana.

Narcisse, 6'3, 200 lbs, picked the the Tigers over other offers from Alabama, Mississippi State, Florida, Michigan, and many others. Prior to Monday, the 247Sports Crystal Ball was leaning LSU, but throughout Monday morning it slowly began shifting Auburn's way as word got around about his likely choice. Following his visit to the Plains this weekend, Narcisse was quoted saying that he felt Auburn's offense was just a better fit for him.

The Highlights

I really like the way this video was broken down, to let you know the type of plays that were coming. I'm really curious about that first play and whether it was actually a designed run or not. He ends up throwing the football, which is great for improvisation, but I can't help but think that if it was a designed run not on the goal line, then his team would likely have ended up flagged for illegal man downfield, since the line would have been pushing. They probably should have anyway, since by the time the ball is thrown, there is one lineman almost pushing his man out of the back of the end-zone. I only bring this up because it speaks to awareness of the play call and thinking about "hey, it was a called run, so I HAVE to run, or else there's going to be a penalty."

He definitely has some moves running the football. It looks like he can get small and fit through some tight holes and then break away from defenses.

Getting to the passing and hey, look, he's left handed! Auburn has a decent history with left handed quarterbacks (still love ya, Brandon Cox). He throws well on the run, and while I'm not a QB expert (or an anything expect), being ranked the #3 Dual Thread QB in the nation should tell you that he definitely has some ability throwing the football.

The Class

Narcisse is the third to join the 2017 class. He is alongside 5* OT Calvin Ashley and 4* ATH Alaric Williams. Auburn jumps from 10th to 6th in 2017, just ahead of Florida and right behind Florida State, with his commitment. Things are already starting to look excellent for that season's cycle. I'm curious to see where the Tigers' focus will be that season. I'm guessing it's going to be defensive backs and wide receivers, similar to the 2015 cycle. 2016 is going to be line-heavy, after all.