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Coffee and Magnolia: 3 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet.

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Baseball recruiting isn't really something we cover all that much here, but has the current rankings for the 2016 cycle. Auburn isn't exactly where we'd like them to be, but there's still time in the 2016 cycle.

BASKETBALL has a few features on Auburn basketball. Bryce Brown is ready to contribute in his first year on campus. Sophomore Center Trayvon Reed wants to move on from his struggles as a freshman and really step up to be the big man Auburn needs him to be.


We've had a few nifty things up on the site over the past few days that I'm sure you've checked out, but I'm going to link to them again, anyway!

First, there's WarRoomEagle's look at the overall college football landscape if we had conferences divided along geographic lines rather than the current models. It's been a big hit all over the SB Nation network over the last day.

Then there's the articles on the history of SEC football. Wednesday's article looked at the history of the Big Six and how each of those teams has done in the "Big Six" era (1964 to present). Yesterday's article examined just when the "modern" era of SEC football can be considered to begin. Auburn fans have long referred to 1982 as the year we really start looking at football history, and I think I found some very good reasoning for that being a legitimate argument. This afternoon I hope to finish up the article I've been working on examining the schedules of the Big Six throughout their history.

The VIP 25 is on #7, and it's a very familiar big name wide receiver who is probably going to be a first round draft pick in 2016.

Media Days is right around the corner, which means we're fast approaching the new SEC football season. We know at least one of Auburn's player representatives now with the announcement by the SEC that Jeremy Johnson will be on hand to tell his story.

Auburn makes ESPN's Ultimate SEC Road Trip again for their week 9 matchup with the Ole Miss Rebels.

There are a few former head coaches who have embraced their role as coordinators in the SEC world. Auburn's Will Muschamp is one of them.

CBS Sports has some horrendous uniform concept article where they swapped rivals' uniform colors. Auburn's are supposedly in Alabama colors, but it really looks more like South Carolina to me. As for Alabama's... change the color of the face mask and you have Georgia Southern's uniform. They could at least have gone with the white helmet like Auburn has.