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Auburn Basketball Players in 2015 NBA Summer League

An update on some former Tigers.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

KT Harrell

Earlier this week we reported on KT Harrell heading to Las Vegas to play in the Philadelphia 76ers Summer League. There wasn't quite as much reporting on the other two former Tigers playing in summer leagues, but we do have a bit more information for you, now!

Antoine Mason

Mason, who played a single year on the Plains after transferring from Niagra where he led the nation in scoring in 2013-14, is heading to Orlando to play in the Orlando Magic's summer league.

Mason did not play a full season last year due to injury and the death of his father Anthony Mason, a former New York Knicks star. He averaged just over 14 points per game for the Tigers and was the only other serious threat to score aside from KT Harrell.

Kenny Gabriel

In a blast from the past moment, Kenny Gabriel will be back in the States playing in the Miami Heat's summer league. Gabriel last played for the Tigers in 2012, when he recorded the only triple-double in school history. He recently played in Turkey, where he helped his team to the league championship.

You can check out the official site's full article with quotes from them, along with complete game schedules, here. I didn't even see that they had published that article until I finished writing everything I'd just written up above, or else I probably would have just linked to it. But hey, made you click!