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Coffee and Magnolia: 30 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


Routes! Want to know the type of routes Auburn's receivers run? WarRoomEagle took that on yesterday in his latest offensive explainer post. It's another must-read.

To put a bit of a twist on the "opponent previews," we look at the New Orleans Times-Picayune previewing Auburn for the LSU crowd. Meanwhile, for previews of Auburn opponents, is up to the UGA game. The Montgomery Advertiser is still back on the Ole Miss game, but they've only been doing one a day, while has sometimes cranked out a few per day.

In incoming player profiles, is on punter Ian Shannon. Shannon is someone the Tigers really hope can take command of the punting role. The one thing Auburn really does not want is Daniel Carlson having to handle all of the kicking duties for a second season in a row. wants you to know some players in the SEC you should keep an eye on as we head into football season. Of course there are Auburn players on the list.

On the recruiting front, asked some of the top recruits in the nation just what they think of Gus Malzahn. It's still during recruiting, so you can be sure there are some very diplomatic answers in there.

In a similar to vein to what Tuco wrote a week or so ago, Mike Marshall form Auburn Undercover talks about the myth of Auburn not performing well when big things are expected of them.

It contains some things from back during Media Days, but ESPN reports on Jeremy Johnson being ready to take the reigns of the Gus Malzahn offense at Auburn.