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Coffee and Magnolia: 6 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet.

No, it's not Auburn. No, I don't care. WAR DAMN AMERICA.
No, it's not Auburn. No, I don't care. WAR DAMN AMERICA.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Seriously, what a tournament and what a match. It started slow, but built over the final few games to the point that honestly I never expected the United States to lose. They were just playing that well over the last few matchesb(even without scoring a lot of goals until last night).

I was never the biggest soccer fan, but I've enjoyed watching the national teams. I've really enjoyed that women's soccer has a lot less flopping. Plus while the men struggle to build something strong and special, the women are consistently winning championships. The only nation with three World Cup titles. It was a fun month! It was capped off by a US player scoring a hat trick FROM MIDFIELD.

For those of you that follow the site on Twitter, I'm not going to apologize for the number of soccer tweets over the last month. The women's game is so much more fun to me than the men (sooooo much less flopping) and I will never not pull for the United States in international competition. These women were a joy to watch and I can't wait to see them defend their Olympic Golf Medal from 2012 next summer.

Now back to the Auburn stuff...


There's a former Tiger once again making waves in the majors. Josh Donaldson set records for the All-Star votes he received.


Three former Tigers will be taking part in the NBA Summer Leagues in hopes of earning a shot with an NBA team. Two of them are from last season's team and one of them just won a title in Turkey.


The Auburn University Marching Band is beyond awesome. I've written about that before. Tuco has some great suggestions for songs they could play that would make them even more awesome.

Auburn is currently on the longest streak in the SEC for not having a QB appear at Media Days. That's going to change this year. Nick Marshall was likely to change that last season, but his citation for marijuana changed that.

#6 on the VIP 25 is the head man, himself. Brandon Marcello points out that Gus blamed the Alabama loss on the offense just before firing Ellis Johnson as the defensive coordinator. The way he says it indicates a tone of incredulity, but I'm willing to bed Brandon understands Gus' point. Auburn was awesome last season on offense everywhere except the red zone. Had Auburn scored touchdowns in the red zone at times they kicked field goals, the Tigers' record last season probably would have been a bit better. has some college football traditions that shouldn't be changed. There's one brief mention of an Auburn piece in there (in the live mascots), but it's a good read throughout. I'm particularly big on the home-and-home part. As excited as I am that Auburn and Oregon will open 2019 against each other, I really wish that were a home-and-home series.