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Coffee and Magnolia: 8 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much out there right now from all of the various sites. At least not much that we're not already covering for you. That's thanks in part to Ryan Black leaving the Ledger-Enquirer for AuburnUndercover and James Crepea leaving the Montgomery Advertiser for They have yet to be replaced at their former employers (and I don't think James has started at, yet), so there are not as many stories from the Auburn beat at the moment. Here's what we do have for you, though!


First, the stuff we have here at College and Magnolia. Yesterday saw the release of the Bednarik and Maxwell Award Watch Lists. Three Tigers made the cut between those lists. I don't think we'll do full articles on these Watch Lists just yet, though. We'll have profiles on the players listed just like last season, but I think I'll build a story stream for the next two weeks and just Fan Shot the announcements and put them in there. released their Heisman Trophy odds, and Jeremy Johnson appeared on the list in a big way. We took a look at that alongside Auburn's projected win total for 2015 and analyzed what we think oddsmaker's main questions about the 2015 team are.

The VIP 25 is getting close to the end. At #4 is #5, a receiver who needs to step up and have a big season in his final season on the Plains.

Auburn's SEC Media Days contingent should be announced a bit later this morning. We already know Jeremy Johnson will be there. takes a crack at who the other two representatives should be.

247Sports examines the best and worst case scenarios for all of the teams in the SEC. Auburn's are pretty much what we already suspect/know.